Heroes of Might and Magic 4

Alternative names: Heroes of Might and Magic 4

Heroes of Might and Magic 4 - computer game in the genre turn-based strategy. Game Heroes IV presented as fantasy role-playing, as the fourth part of a series of games Heroes of Might and Magic. Developers have invested in this game enough strength and soul. And finally got the better part of the presented before. Refreshed not only the graphics, but geymp.

So the game Heroes IV is worthy of attention not only fans, but also beginners.

When you mature, that would start the game Heroes 4 play, we advise you to look on the internet video game reviews HoMM 4 and carefully read through this review. Here then is can rush download Heroes of Might and Magic 4. that would soon begin.

In-Game Heroes 4 story has not changed much in comparison with the first part. You also are traveling all over the world and conquer the city. Passes all the way on the map adventures, until until you join the battle. Fight brings the characters on-screen battle. But when I get into the city, there is a completely new city screen. Characters will be three-dimensional, but all around, still remained in the two-dimensional. But it's not important, and the plot.

Also pleases 4 Heroes game update so all the characters are involved in the battle and be killed. And, accordingly, it turns out that the hero can move around the map without an army, and the army without its heroes.

Of course, not without resources in every city you can get a certain resource and thereby improve performance.

And where do without one of your main weapons - spells. After all, the whole force of magic. The game Heroes of Might and Magic IV features five schools

• Magic Procedure;

• Chaos Magic;

• Magic Life;

• Magic Death;

• The Magic of Nature.

Magic Order - significantly influence the mind magic. Developed to improve the art of spell battle. Main blue color.

Chaos Magick - spells for battles to deliver powerful damage to an enemy. Has associations with orange.

Magic Life - the basis for healing and magic against Death. For the main color purple.

Death Magic - based on curses, the revival of the dead. Has an association with black.

Magic of Nature - there to help to induce predstaiteley race Nature. Green core.

Yet there is a separate faction - Power. Party that does not use magic.

Now you can also make potions.

In-Game Heroes of Might and Magic 4 is a possibility of a new process of building buildings. They are still a limited number of day for heroes.

In general, you do not worry at first everything is easy, complicated gradually. And all the basic parameters of the game you will learn as a consequence of active gameplay.

Heroes Game 4 with improved graphics. Now transfer your image with more clear and bright pictures. Musical accompaniment is in the best shape and support the playing mood. This kind of game will delight and your comrades. Because you can play as a computer, and with a live opponent on the other side of the wire.

Do not waste your time and hurry to the site that would download Heroes 4. and feel like a full-fledged hero of the game. Good luck gameplay! Thank you for your attention.



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