HoMM 6

Alternative names: HoMM 6

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 - computer turn based game with role-playing elements. For the release of this game series Heroes VI of the whole series of Heroes of Might and Magic, was made a maximum effort. Game Heroes VI changed several studios and software developers, but still pleased with the world. Game 6 is HoMM fantasy genre strategy. So here you will meet the heroes of fiction.

In this review, the game Heroes 6, you can seek help from the video clips of the game, with the purpose of the primary reference. If a positive decision - to play, visit the site and can download Heroes of Might and Magic 6.

Game Heroes of Might and Magic VI will quickly become your friend for days. Or rather evening as complete the game on the day, you can pretty quickly. The plot of the game Heroes of Might and Magic 6, in comparison with previous versions, changed. You will visit the distant past, at the beginning of all this great history. You - a hero in the truest sense of the word. Your character - the hero of the game, as there are creatures that serve you. You will ensure their kind in the game.

You will remain unharmed by your army is invincible. When you defeat out of the game entering the tavern, where you hire other people.

Your task in the game - to build their city, conquer other. Your city may also grab, so do not forget to monitor it during your absence. Each city is laid some one resource. And this is the most important element of the game - a resource. Here resources include seven types:

• Gold;

• Wood;

• Ore;

• Sulphur;

• Crystals.

Gold - money resource. You can buy or hire creatures and heroes, as well as to rebuild the buildings of the city.

Wood - a valuable construction material.

Ore - resource needed to build the city.

Sulfur - rare, necessary for the construction of certain buildings.

Crystals - Support resources. Needed for signing on beings of the higher levels and to acquire artifacts.

Game Heroes 6 has a strategic map that, when the battle with the enemies of changes to combat. While maintaining the terrain on which you are.

Since the game is turn-based, then it has a certain combat moves. That is, step by step gradually achieve a goal.

But in Heroes 6 not only allowed to play with a gun, with a computer in place of the enemy, but also to network with friends, and not only. It is also possible and not on the network, and home one computer simply turns.

As you can see, the game is Heroes 6 than to please their current and future fans.

The game's graphics are already on the best level in comparison to its predecessors. Picture that we see presented in excellent quality.

The musical accompaniment is not too far behind and we can say that which is done to maintain the surroundings in the game.

It's not important enough. Quality of the game and its gameplay can please not only you but also your friends. Hurry to invite them after they themselves do not forget to download Heroes 6.

Good you play! You will feel a real hero!

Thank you for your attention!


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