Hoppenia online

Alternative names: Hoppeniya, Hopen

Hoppenia online - free browser is a fantastic game that combines elements of the Strategy and Manager. In a new mysterious world that will open for you to play online Hoppenia, you will create your own residence, populate its magical pets, which will take care of, to fight and to cooperate with other players. To play Hoppenia Your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements:

- Processor: P4/Celeron 1. 2 + or Athlon MP / XP

- At least 512 MB of memory (optimally 2Gb)

- Direct 3D compatible video card

- Adobe Flash plugin (v. 10. xx)

- Internet connection

The door to this amazing world you open Hoppenia registration. To start Hoppenia play, no need to download and install the game client. Join in the game requires the introduction Hoppenia following details:

1) A strong password

2) E-mail (it actually exists)

3) Invented name of the character for whom you become play

4) the code

Hoppenia Registration is now complete and you can press the Play button. Welcome barge in the conflict between life and Keepers Guardians fire after selecting the position of one of the parties.

Keepers of life believe in the power of the scientific process, therefore the need to consider the development of major technologies. If there was no need to fight, they would have enjoyed the quiet life on their islands.

Guardians of Fire dream of speedy conquest of the archipelago. They believe that the use of force can gain control over everything, and it does not cease to exercise their ability to attack nioluni.

Generally online game Hoppenia divides characters into two types:


2) Nioluni

You enter this world in the form Sayera. CAEP hosts magical animals - nioluni. Beginner CAEP has the right to choose a pet one, but during the game the number, of course, increases. Three-dimensional battles in this game are available, conducted through nioluni, as they are your gladiators. Battle occurring between themselves Sueur, called tournaments. You can participate in tournaments elements, beginners and seasoned young Sayera. Since we are talking about the system of PvP, it should be mentioned that in the game sometimes you have to engage in combat with NPCs that are also inhabitants of the virtual world Hoppenia.

Nioluni - are animals requiring guardianship of their patrons. There are parameters characterizing animals endurance (amount), agility (mobility, quick response to strikes), accuracy (the ability to predict the behavior of the enemy), strength (physical component that is responsible for the power stroke), wisdom (allows you to properly use magic spells in battle) . What animal would you choose, it will have its pros and cons, because each type of the above characteristics are developed to a greater or lesser extent. In game Hoppenia present

- Bears

- Wolves

- Cow

- Monkey

- Tigers.

Leisurely bears sometimes appear lazy. But make them angry, careless opponent literally will seek a fifth angle. Thick skin of a bear can not be damaged by any weapon, and its incredibly strong blows to better myself not to test.

The main advantage of wolves considered agility. In battle, it is very difficult to put the wolf damage. Alien to them mercy and they know their job.

Wise cows reached deep knowledge of magic, so using it can destroy anyone in his path.

Quick monkeys able to repel most attacks. They are masters use psychological attack because during the fight and still manage to taunt the enemy.

Tigers are so hardy that continue to fight, despite the bleeding wound. Instantly flashing fury helps tiger applied accurate and deadly blows.

All nioluni live in the Temple. You feed them, train or just communicate. But it happens that it is necessary to reduce its nioluni Hospital (to restore health). Happens, you need to send the animal to the Tower or Magic Academy (for learning magic tricks and physical).

Play the game online can Hoppenia using such locations

- Residence

- The Adventist

- Caves.

Residence - is your personal property, where the main building is a manor. In addition there are many other buildings for various purposes. For example, a fishing hut for catching fish or farm for the production of grain. CAEP has to periodically make a detour to monitor the processes occurring in the territory of his possessions.

Adventist City - the capital Hoppenii. Located here arena, auction, city hall, house master room is available to all clans Sueur. For example, you can complain to the city to engage in combat occurring in the arena.

Path runs through the City of Caves. Here you can not only win the wild nioluni but also get some valuable things.

Hoppenia online game provides the following resources:

- Diamonds - the most valuable. With their help, activate various bonuses.

- Gold - basic monetary unit, allows you to buy necessary goods.

- Building materials - wood, stone and clay. You can get only through the Chamber of Commerce.

- Food for feeding nioluni (grain, meat, fish, etc.

Start playing right now and vote themselves advantages Hoppenia. You will definitely like simple and accessible interface of the game. The presence of background information will help out in difficult times. And the use of the proposed referral system will make the game even more interesting. After playing with friends you invite will be much easier and more exciting!

Play the game online Hoppenia will be moving through the levels. To begin to accustom, pass plot tasks. Further enhance its level will be assessed by your experience. Dear gamers, each new level brings its own advantages, therefore constantly strive to move forward to get an opportunity to enjoy and proud of their achievements!


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