great Leap Forward

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Game Big Race: a noble passion.

World aristocrats its entertainment and horse racing, no doubt, lead the list. This sport has become the most reliable source of excitement from all walks of life. People study the characteristics and ancestry of each horse, and compared to trying to determine the chances of winning the next race. – players before the start of the competition at the box office excitement rush to make a bet on a horse, which, in their opinion, should come first.

Bookmakers also not sitting idle, and are willing to share their own secrets about the possible winner. As in any business related to rates, not without deception and disappointment. Yet the jumps are really spectacular, breathtaking and beautiful view that can be enjoyed without the desire to win. And if you want to look at the other side of the racetrack, game Big Race invites you to the stables to the eminent racers.



to start a business.

The dream to be a participant, not an observer, finally come true, and now you're in big jumps play, learning a new business thoroughly, on all sides.

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  • colt own horse
  • Take care of her health and increase harakteristiki
  • Naymite experienced zhokeya
  • Prinimayte part in skachkah
  • Razezzhayte around svetu
  • Delayte successful stavki

Nachnite his career in equestrian sport. Make a sharp, quick start will not have to go all the way – newcomer to becoming a professional horse owners. Buy and sell horses, adding to its stable finest specimens.

overcome the first difficulty for inexperienced stallion, which we must cultivate medalist. It is necessary to organize the best condition you can afford for the modest capital that you have while there. Take care of his health, regular and nutritious meals, gear and training. Change in due time he horseshoes, buy a saddle and other ammunition.

Speaking at the races, you earn the first capital. Earn money and spend it carefully, to gradually expand the business. Buying new racehorses increases your chances of winning. Get a profit and you can race on sales. After acquiring a horse with modest performance, take care of their increase, and then expose for sale.

Continue to play the game Great Leap Forward, learning opportunities that appear gradually. Experienced breeders will never part with horses, which brought a considerable fortune, until they get them all. Take adopt their experience, and cross your elite horses for the sake of posterity. Stallions receive from both parents the best quality, and will be at a premium.

Breeding best runners have long engaged in the East, and the Arabian horses are known worldwide. It would be nice to have a few stalls in such instances, to improve the blood of your pets.




To start a business, you need a big jump in registration, and for a good horse needs a great rider. Choose it to be among the contenders in the Jockey Club, examining each skill. This is followed by training under the guidance of a coach who will develop an individual plan. This may be the alternation of swims in the pool with overcoming distance endurance.

If a job coach, jockey, horse and you, as the organizer, to be coordinated, it will help win the most races. It's time to take part in a great event – competition, and travel all over the iPlayer with big jumps immense world, visiting the birthplace of the best racers in the United Arab Emirates –.


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