Alternative names: Hounds

Hounds - multiplayer computer game in the third person, in this thriller genre. Game Hounds, created Korean studio, especially for fans of fierce fighting with extraterrestrial beings. Which do not give a normal life. Here you here one of the military group, which are the first to come to the aid of ordinary citizens.

Let's not waste time and go straight to the stage, familiar to every game, create your account with the game. Game Hounds registration, as with any computer game, do not make much effort and not give problems. Standard:

  • Write an email address;
  • Invent and write down your password.

And you find yourself in a world of darkness and horror. To begin playing the game Hounds, you need to create your character. Basically, you have a standard set of uniforms and equipment. But that's a plus, throughout the whole gameplay you can change his appearance and weapons, down to small details. The game allows you to make free Hounds such functions.

You will have a huge selection of weapons and equipment in general. Your character can fight alone and in a team that will make it easier gameplay, but not much.

As the game Hounds online your companion in the game can be your friend in the real world.

Manufacturers have thought for the most ardent fans of fighting monsters multiple game modes:

  • Single mode;
  • Cooperative;
  • Scale battles;
  • For online shooters;
  • Destroy bosses.

Single mode - Your spectacular battle with alien beings alone. Pretty complicated process.

Cooperative - fighting shoulder to shoulder with friends. But it becomes more and opponents, which is not much easier battle group.

Large-scale battles - the battle going right in the center of town where all swarming with monsters, and there are a lot of your allies.

For online shooters - is familiar to players regimes to combat the aliens.

Destroying bosses - separate treatment on top, may not work for everyone. Battle with huge and powerful leaders of alien creatures.

With all of this toy is a huge plus, there is one drawback. Since the game in the third person, you can see the whole process from the shoulder. Your character is what you almost covers the whole screen, it is very difficult to focus on what is happening in the game process. But this eventually become accustomed.

The basic principle of the game - to be always with plenty of weapons.

It is said that the graphics in the game Hounds, striking in its realism and high quality. Eternal twilight, suspense around the corner - we must always be on guard. Escape will not work - they are everywhere, and crave your death. Fans have not seen for a long time toy horror so real. Music is also doing his job and puts a shiver down the skin. The game is increasingly gaining wanting to play anything of this kind.

You can begin to play the game Hounds. You only have to register and you are a warrior in this dark world of horrors. Have a nice gameplay. Good luck to survive!


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