Alternative names: How to Survive 2 Howe the 2 Survayv

How to Survive Game 2 Recommended for survival.

left the game early access How to Survive 2 in the genres of adventure role-playing action. Fans of zombie apocalypse How to Survive 2 will be able to download 29. 10. 2015 platforms:

  • PlayStation 3 and 4
  • Xbox 360,
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Wii U
  • Xbox One

Pochemu people drawn to the horror? Maybe they lacked showmanship and thrills in life, so they are looking for a way to stir up the emotions with the help of computer games. Even the film can not be compared with the game projects, as it leaves the audience in the role of observer, uncomplicated, while in the subjects of toys person is able to influence the situation, improve your hero and immerse into a dangerous adventure to reach the goal.



Surviving among the zombies.

Many are familiar with the prehistory of the first part of the fun, and now you can download How to Survive 2. The situation with the virus zombies in Los Riskosne after a few years, not only has not improved, and gained momentum. If at first the scientists thought that cope with viruses quickly enough, if isolated, but it is now clear that the onset of the global pandemic.

Someone is trying to survive on its own, while others gather in groups. Infected terrible infection becomes more and more difficult every day to survive in a decaying, rotting world, but want to build even a remote semblance of stability and prosperity. The main thing is not to lose hope, and perhaps one day when will be able to find a formula that kills the virus zombies.

time for you to go to Louisiana, but you can expect only on themselves. In this hell of a time you have to be damn lucky, clever and cunning to find a safe place for the construction of the camp. Forget about school scouts. School for boys naturalists not suitable for men who are trying to arrange more or less comfortable, not only for his own life, but also seek to protect friends.

Look for food, water and shelter, as well as communicate with different people, trying to understand their motives and aspirations. Not all friends are alive, after looting and banditry flourished ever, and now have"legal"status. What will the meeting with a charismatic stranger who promised support and assistance? Should we trust him? We must try, because it is certainly better than a zombie.




How to Survive 2 on PC allows you to expand your base, bringing it to 16 people, and four at the same time you can make certain actions. During the passage at certain times you can zoom in or out of location in order to see better results.

Each character brings to the development of their part of the camp, doing the job, strengthening the construction, mining provisions, making tools, weapons and armor. You can create their own characters, and then train them to adapt to the difficult conditions of life. Maps created at random, and the heroes explore the area opened up to the slums of New Orleans.

Pick up items that may be useful to strengthen and improve the camp hero. You have to build a trap to build and strengthen the barricades, in the workshops of master skills, quests and take part in raids, but the change of the day the weather conditions give 2 How to Survive more realistic.

Do everything in order to improve life in the atmosphere of a pandemic. Be prepared for a zombie attack at any time, cover each other's backs, and then remain intact.

System minimum requirements

  • OS: 64bit / Windows 7
  • Memory: 4 GB OZU
  • Protsessor: Intel i3 3GHz
  • Video: DirectX 11 compatible
  • Mesto disk space: 8 Gb
  • Zvukovaya Card: DirectX 11 compatible
  • DirectX 11,

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