Hunter Blade

Alternative names: Blade Hunter

Hunter Blade Online - is a multiplayer online role-playing game. You will find yourself in a world that is full of danger, will become one of the hunters, and will fight against the monsters.

Play Game Hunter BladeVy ask if your computer meets the minimum system requirements so

Operating System - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

RAM - 1 GB.

CPU - AMD3000 + or Pentium ® 4 March. 0. GHz

Hard Drive - 4GB.

Video Card - ATI x1300 or NVIDIA 6600.

DirectX version - DirectX 9.

High speed connection to the Internet.

Hunter Blade you can play for free on the official website.

In Hunter Blade registration is quite simple and does not take long, for this you will need:

1. Visit the official website of the game.

2. On the site, click «Sing up».

3. Enter your user name for the game.

4. Enter your e-mail.

5. Enter your own password.

6. Enter your date of birth.

7. Enter the code.

8. Tick ​​the appropriate box on the agreements with the rules of the game.

9. Click to create an account «Create account».

The entire game Hunter Blade is built on the principle of hunting in ancient times. You will not only hunt animals that are now extinct, but the monsters that have a different image. Hunting itself will be held in different places: the tropics, forests, jungles and even glaciers. You are on your way can meet both dinosaurs and dragons, so be ready to meet any former inhabitants of the Earth.

After entering the game, you can choose a one of the proposed standard characters, as well as any kind of weapon. Also, you can choose your character any clothes, from Latin, ending everyday clothes. Be prepared for the fact that your hunt can also interfere with weather conditions, can be heavy snowfall that may reduce your visibility.

Hunter Blade is designed in the style of 3D, so the graphics and the whole game as a whole will not leave you indifferent, and all look very realistic landscapes.

Hunter Blade has its own chat room and forum, with which you will be able not only to communicate but also to find answers to questions that you may have during the game.

Level your life and that of your opponent is always displayed on the screen, fill up the standard of living you may at any time and will always be able to know when to stop the fight, but be prepared for the fact that not all animals are ready to immediately leave the battlefield, dragons will attack you until the last moment.

Hunter Blade you can play both alone and with friends, create your universal commands and fight against monsters higher level.

Hunter Blade is suitable for people of different age category, you can play the whole family and create a clan of ancient hunters, as well as to assist in the hunt you can help some domesticated animals.

If you love adventure and want to try yourself in the role of the hunter, then do not waste time, create your character and play Hunter Blade.


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