IL-2 Sturmovik

Alternative names: IL-2 Sturmovik

Game IL-2 Sturmovik is Russia's development in the genre simulator. Here, you will plunge into the sup events that took place during the Second World War. You will feel like one of the legendary pilots of the time.

Download game IL-2 Sturmovik you can with the official game site. Please note that the game IL-2 Sturmovik can download grown users only.

You can see about the game IL-2 Sturmovik video on the site of the game, in a special section. Your attention will be offered different videos that reveal the basic features of the game and other features.


In the game IL-2 Sturmovik you can play for one of the eight campaigns.

1) In 1941, for

- Lviv.

- Smolensk.

- Moscow.

2) In 1942, for Stalingrad.

3) In 1943, for

- Kuban.

- Kursk.

4) In 1944, for the Crimea.

5) In 1945, in Berlin.

Passage of events in the game IL-2 Sturmovik will depend entirely on which side you choose, and how aircraft will operate.

The game also has a special mission editor with which you can create your own missions. In addition, you can combine them and create their own campaigns, playing on a local network.


To your attention in the game are a huge number of aircraft and other equipment

1. Planes - 77 species, American and German.

2. Ground equipment - 75 types. This anti-aircraft batteries, field guns, tanks and motorcycles.

3. Ships - they give the opportunity to attack both surface and underwater objects. They give the most realistic game.

All the equipment in the game is designed to present the drawings, which also gives a realistic picture of the total.

IL-2 Sturmovik offers you a multiplayer mode in which you can combine up to 80 people in the sky. Also in the game has developed special multiplayer scenarios.

You can change the color of their technique, apply their special markings. Also available to you change and changing the type of camouflage face.


Game IL-2 Sturmovik has a number of features:

1) The most realistic game with planes.

2) 77 types of aircraft.

3) Realistic three-dimensional tanks and other military equipment, including aircraft.

4) Playing with different weather and time of day.

5) Ability to play on a network of up to 80 players.

6) Three-dimensional landscape, detailed.

7) Day and night changes in real time.

8) The incredible special effects.

9) Ability to record flight and its editing.

10) Preparation of honors and awards for completed missions.

11) Select game mode: for the shooter or the pilot.


Game IL-2 Sturmovik was extended by additional game version

1. IL-2 Sturmovik: Golden Collection.

2. IL-2 Sturmovik: Platinum Collection.

Versions of the game are constantly updated, fully improved. Changes are characterized by: increasing the number of aircraft and other military equipment, new scenery, better graphics and other features.

If you want to feel in times of great battles, the game IL-2 Sturmovik for you.


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