Alternative names: Illuminatus

Gaming Illuminares for the Enchanted East

The anime fans hardly need to talk about the delightful, colorful world in which its inhabitants live. But if you are a beginner, and only recently imbued with his elegance, the game Illuminares from the developer Tengco along with the publisher GGMedia, conquer you with its wonders, will enchant landscapes and fascinate with an excellent storyline.

At first glance in such a picturesque corner nothing terrible can happen. But when you start Illuminares to play, you will understand how deceitful and deceptive beauty can be. Among the flourishing cherry blossoms, solemnly rising pagodas, lush peach orchards, sometimes terrible events occur, and heroic heroes are armed to eradicate evil spirits, demons and monsters that have bred on beautiful lands.

Illuminares registration is a natural process for browser-based toys, but if you are registered in social networks, you can use them to enter the game process.

Newcomers seem to be in a fairy tale, but admiring the beauty that has opened, do not forget to look back - the situation can change quickly. Silence will be broken by an angry roar or an ominous howl, and sometimes enemies attack unexpectedly with complete silence. Visit the warehouses of the Dragon and the famous lands of Honor, explore the sinister dungeons and dungeons in which opponents are so fond of hiding.

Managing charismatic characters, gain the necessary experience for further adventures. There is no shortage of adrenaline - a lot of tasks are associated with danger, and friends and virtual assistants will help you find and play.

Each has its own list of skills, but since the range of characters is modest, and in the future will be pumping, be guided by personal preferences - with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life inside the fairy-tale world.

Generating the characters

The choice of heroes in the game Illuminares rather laconic:

  • Dev
  • Bestia
  • Mag
  • War

Among the skills of heroes - the ability to own three types of weapons, combining them with magic, and when you participate in the battle, change them in a timely manner. However, no matter how skillful a warrior was not a character, one can not stand against the wave of the enemy. His talents will be supplemented by assistants, among whom there are quite interesting people: a drunken master, a fairy sorceress, an unsurpassed killer of a samurai.

In battles, they will be tempered on a par with you, improving skills and acquiring useful items with equipment. You will appreciate their participation, when the time comes to cure you of the wounds or quickly attack the monster.

Especially I want to pay attention to those pets who will carry you on their own:

  • Dragon
  • These mounts will often save you when you need to quickly get to a new place or maneuver on the site where the hell is unfolding.

    • Medved
    • Byk
    • Veppr
    • Turtle
    • Tigr
    • Ray
    • Phoenix
    • Everyone is worthy of attention and will be useful, but any player dreams of attaining the moment when he can tame the Dragon or the Phoenix.

      All the quest for the job!

      The system of fights in Illuminars is common - players with players (PvP) and players against monsters (PvE). It plays its positive mission the possibility of uniting in the guild. A crowded crowd go to the most remote, dark dungeons to clear them of monsters. For such a dirty work you are entitled to prizes, and the experience that you will get for a successful operation will open up fresh opportunities. In addition, every day, go to the game, participate in the drawings and receive gifts. Still no one was damaged by brand new wings or armor of the Gods.


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