Imperia Online

Alternative names: Imperia Online

Imperia Online from village to power. & nbsp;

The concept of strategy is an elaborate system of actions to achieve the global goal of using available resources. Browser Game Imperia Online strategy is available to millions of players online. A distinctive feature of this project is that all the action takes place in real time, and users in the project there are more than 30 million.

Starting play Imperia Online, the user is not complicated registration form which consists of only three fields - name, password and email address. After this procedure, the minute a player is transferred in time to the Middle Ages, gets a piece of land with a few houses. Training ends quickly enough and the user has no choice but to think and how to build a successful strategy that would transform the small village into a great and powerful empire great. Resources for building a powerful empire in the project only four names & ndash; gold, stone, wood and iron. Using the mind, and the resources available, the player will go a long way.

develop and dominate. & nbsp;

Ways of development of their own empire in the game are different, the players themselves determine its success scenario, but if you do not develop at the same time all the directions, the bias in one direction or another will certainly affect the quality of life of citizens. Tasks in a project built in such a way as to maintain a middle ground.

Game Imperia Online gives you the opportunity to develop just four areas of activity:

  • Military Policy & ndash; create a powerful army possible in the construction of special buildings, the development of the scientific basis for the study of new types of weapons. A strong army allows the player to extend the territory, connecting the province to the capital of the state and to form colonies;
  • Growth & ndash; achieved by the extraction of resources and the availability of facilities. The more people in a virtual country, the greater the labor force and the greater the capacity to collect taxes. Another type of income is trade. You can trade with other players.
  • Diplomacy and Allies & ndash; neighbors and friends on the game need not only to build trade relations and ways and for military alliances. Joining an existing alliance or create your player, and even contribute to the general treasury, but receives from friends technology, military support, or simply can borrow money.
  • Cultural Development & ndash; you need to build a beautiful city with cultural attractions, it indicates a strong economy. The player is not necessarily by military means can expand its territory, the other project participants may want to join a strong empire without fighting.

Great People Imperia Online has another feature in it there dynasty rulers, who can earn their own experience. Each emperor has their own abilities and strengths in any area. It is noteworthy that these characters live in real life, they are born, grow up, grow old and die. Every great human talent to anything, for example, it can increase the number of troops.

In the draft Imperia Online you can play indefinitely, the game runs in slow pace, but the user does not get tired of long waits, as long as the one task, you can safely do other. Players in the project are able to communicate with each other, discuss common strategies, plans and ways of development.

Special attention should be paid to the graphics and sound. Excellent traced image and harmonious sound design will please even the most demanding players.


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