Alternative names: Infinuum

Infinuum online - is a browser fantasy game with excellent graphics, variety of characters, the original battle system and a huge game world with diverse locations.

The game is based on the confrontation between two great powers: a technologically advanced Kraftlanda whose inhabitants rely on the strength of his arms and armor protection, and with powerful magic Elliari school combat spells, which adherents prefer to use in combat and lightning flaming balls. Choose what you closer - weapons or magic?

In Infinuum you can play through the browser, but at a low speed internet connections for a full game, it is desirable to install the client. At the same time, online game Infinuum has the following system requirements: Celeron 1 GHz, 512 Mb RAM, 100 Mb hard disk space, Adobe Flash Player 10.

To begin playing the game online Infinuum need to register in the game Infinuum. Register Infinuum provides for the resource mailbox Mail. ru. Otherwise, click Infinuum registration in the dialog box, enter your data, mailbox name and password.

Going into the game, you will pass a short training course in order to master the principle of doing the fighting, purchase items in the store, moving between locations.

Each nation is represented by four character classes, their differing characteristics. Bronemaster have kraftlandtsev and Barbarian have elliari - good protection, but have average abilities in the melee. Assassin and Assassin - have the advantage of fast attack, but very vulnerable. Ranger and Mage are only for ranged. Gunsmith and Druid can replace any fighter, as they have equally capable of all other classes. Change the distribution of characteristics of the character can not, they depend on the class of the current level, armor and operating effects.

It does not make sense to immediately rush into battle, it is desirable to obtain a novice different skills. For example, learn useful profession - gunsmith, pharmacist or alchemist. Professional development will further strengthen your character. To get the profession will need to perform a special task. And in general, in order to make your character could grow and reach new levels, you need to perform a variety of quests: kill monsters, participate in contests, protect caravans. All this happens in the vast bulk of the game world. To move between locations are special portals. In any of a variety of colorful locations, you can find a saber-toothed yeti mountain troll or a dragon. By the way, the hunt for the dragon is very lucrative, albeit dangerous thing.

Reaching level 3, you will be able to choose the way of character development, joining the cult Klirikanov worshiping goodness and use healing magic or cult Malefic applying curses and black magic. And in fact, in both cases you'll get a lot of features and abilities. After level 5, you can get a reputation hunter goblins that will give you a special advantage in the game.

Infinuum online game with a rather interesting battle system. Battles can be conducted as one-on-one, and involving several players. All the battles take place on a special site and require you to perform certain actions. Fight is incremental in nature and has no special tactics needed calculation power and direction of impact. If the enemy armed only with melee, it makes sense to stand on the defensive, and if you can shoot from a distance, it is best to move forward and attack.

So play Infinuum recommended for those who are attracted to the quests, the game will give them Infinuum online in huge quantity and variety.

Also play the game online Infinuum - is to participate in contests, create clans, or just chat.


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