Injustice: Gods Among Us

Alternative names: Injustice: Gods Among Us
Superheroes - the favorites of the public. Have been, are and will remain so for a long time. Interesting stories about super people, noble, possessing superhuman abilities and are ready to use their skills for the benefit of civilization, conquer a happy endom, which in real life, sometimes it is not enough. Relatively new game Injustice: Gods Among Us - the embodiment of all super strong in one project. It has everything your favorite (and not) heroes who are willing to fight each other, just to prove who they really cool (superheroes - they are like children, let alone compete). Many critics immediately after the Injustice: Gods Among Us pc stated that the game has become an absolute copy of previously submitted gaming world Mortal Kombat. And in this remark is, of course, some truth - the basic idea is similar in both games, but even without looking closely, you can see some significant differences that allow Injustice: Gods Among Us pc wash off the stigma of plagiarism and is considered unique and the original game. In the project, you can choose absolutely any dueling heroes. What is true, with some characters have to meet after the start of the gameplay - the developers have added to the project is all the characters ever encountered in comics. So, for example, few people are familiar with such ladies as Harvey Keitel or electric kid Shazam. In addition, you will have Indzhastis unique opportunity to play the most famous villain Lex Luthor. And now that you have some idea what to Injustice: Gods Among Us characters await you, warn you that the degree of knowledge of the hero in any way on his combat power is not affected. Using the keyboard or joystick, you have to put your opponent punches of different strengths. Even despite the fact that the available number of beats in the game is not so great, in Injustice: Gods Among Us will be interesting to play. You have to think through every move, to develop the most effective tactics of the battle, organize strikes. Be prepared for the fact that studies the impact of the game you will have no day and no two - this intrigue will persist for a long time. But when you're able to understand when it is appropriate to apply a particular shot, which forces it should be in conjunction with what he had best take, you can be almost invincible. For example, we think that it is quite sufficient motivation to Injustice: Gods Among Us download, do not feel well? Learning to control the heroes easy - even chaotic keystrokes can bring scoring strokes. Today the project is available for installation on the PC and smartphones. The only problem - when using a mobile application Injustice: Gods Among Us money needed to open new locations, costumes and levels. All the main advantages are described in prepared for the official presentation of Injustice: Gods Among Us video trailer. But judge the game only after a personal acquaintance!

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