Invisible, Inc Online

Alternative names: Invisible, Inc Online
As long-term practice, the strategy may not be entirely bad. There are projects better, there are projects worse, but all the games are their fans. And now we have all the chances to believe that the game Invisible, Inc also acquire its broad gaming audience, though this she did not take too long. Despite the fact that the topic of spies is popular with professional spies games starring not done as much as we would like. That's why developers Invisible, Inc Online has paid off, having decided to create an interesting, but nenapyschennuyu strategy spies. Nenapyschennuyu Why, you ask? Yes, because the creators of the project chose to make an impact on exciting missions and tasks, while not too zamorachivayas on graphics. Realism of characters and scenery - not the most important thing in this game (at this stage we can only assume that the drafters thought so! ). In Invisible, Inc will be interesting to play because of the gripping story and qualitatively pripodnesennym assignments. At the moment there is no possibility to test the game - its development is in full swing. However, the official website of the project is already open the possibility of pre-order the game. Promises that gamers make reservations Invisible, Inc Online will have access to the pilot alpha testing of the game and the first to know what it is really! Do not know if it was so planned, or it happened spontaneously, but even the developers announced the game turned out "in espionage." The fact that initially seemed gamers game Incognita. In many forums discussing the upcoming exit this particular project, so when it was reported that soon starts to Invisible, Inc registration preorders, gamers did not even understand what this project is and where it came from. After a little investigation of the most interesting players still managed to learn that under the unfamiliar name hides the good old Incognita, which for unknown reasons was renamed. Whatever it was, everything was quite anturazhnye - Spy game a long time and as a result of conspiring could still cheat the majority of gamers. About how it will be interesting to play the game Invisible, Inc, yet will not speak (in fact, there is nothing to say, spyware developers cards do not open), only dare again to focus on is not the most difficult, but no less original and pleasing to the eye chart. Cartoon characters immediately likable. Their actions are swift and barely noticeable, which will contribute to your productive cooperation. Of developers announced Invisible, Inc video can assume that you have to work with a team of virtual spies who are ready to undertake the task of any complexity and execute it "without noise and dust." Well, let's wait for the project together!

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