Iris Online

Alternative names: Iris Online

Iris Online - Stylish Online MMORPG game, which is a mixture of fiction genres. This Korean game translated into Russian by Mail. ru. Iris Online online game with her usual fantastic atmosphere anime audience of players available for free. Iris Online registration will take you back to medieval Europe, where he will be available with the gypsy folklore, see the architecture of the city and enjoy the contemplation of ancient culture. This mysterious world shrouded in legends Roma, with soulful melodies songs, majestic castles, knightly tournaments brilliant, luxurious court balls and wild dancing around the campfire will capture your imagination. Its flavor make tarot cards. They play in the game is pretty important. Iris online game which can each provide employment to taste. Join in the game Iris Online will not take much time. You just need to provide an email address, username and password. By clicking Register, you agree to Terms of Service, EULA, Playing Rules and Penalties. Then you download and install the game client. Iris Online registration is now passed, and you become an inhabitant of huge colorful world!

Creating your character, you define a color, choose a face and hair. Play the game online Iris you start from the circus, divided into zones. Here you have to adapt and learn how to manage the game. Then you offer a ride on one of the three mounts to sort out transport management game. Incidentally, the sled mounts in the game more than 100 species.

Game Iris Online offers a choice of one of three races. Here there are people Feraly and Elves. Understand who is who. People are descendants of "Tree of Life." Have great power and can become as mages and fighters. Among the fighters have knights, gladiators and Commanders, and among magicians you find wizards and priests. Feraly - a mixture of human and animal. Endowed with great strength and agility they do not need to use magic. Can become rangers (Shadow Hunter) and Melee (Veteran, Berserk, Warrior). And finally, the Elves. As without them in such a fabulous, mysterious world? These guardians of nature with great intellect have unparalleled beauty and amazing grace. Available classes elves - it Wayfarers and Sorcerers.

Play Iris Online will be much easier and more interesting if you can collect all the tarot cards. There are 22 major and 56 small cards cards. Maps help to get access to the dungeons, allow you to change the appearance of the character will add different unique skills, give chance to increase inventory. The game has many different combinations of cards.

But the game Iris Online is not limited to the accumulation of cards. Performing job quest, visiting caves and dungeons, hunting monsters, you get valuable rewards and experience. With the accumulation of experience, the player zapoluchaet skill points, which are distributed in special skills.

You already know that to play the game Iris Online - it means visiting the cave. They, like the main tarot cards in the game 22. Some require certain actions or criteria to be eligible for entry. For example, in the cave lovers can enter only a couple of male and female character. And requires that both were able to survive, otherwise completing a run stops.

Also will be accessible to different areas of combat. In PvP system, you can earn points, experience and play money. Points you'll spend on the purchase of unique things and necessary items. The game has several modes of combat. It may be a simple duel, and the seizure of the flank, and team battles. For example, you will be involved in the matches. Will have to fight in the warehouse team. One team is charged up to 15 players. Victory will depend on both the coherence and of each individual player.

Eyasoft Korean company has taken care to Iris Online play like everyone who decides to try his hand at a top-notch MMORPG. Simple and accessible interface, technical support and availability of information will help to avoid problems.

Happy you play!


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