Alternative names: Irod

Irod online - browser-based social strategy game, which successfully combines historical moments and fantastic elements. The action takes place on the continent of God, where the forces of good and evil confront each other. Your main task - to fight against the dark army led by Herod. To cleanse the earth of evil, you can take the help of legendary heroes from different times. Migrating from one era to another via Secular Gate, you can find and attract an army of great men smyslyaschie in the war. And from this increases your strength and influence spreads! Play Irod - means to engage in the development of the city, traveling through time, to take part in the grand epic battles, find reliable allies and do good deeds in the name of the bright future of mankind. Using weapons and magic, aiming to achieve the main goal. Assertive only be able to achieve success and become a prominent personality!

To plunge into the exciting adventures, to register in the game Irod. By creating an account, you must fill out a form with these fields:

- Username;

- Password;

- Repeat password;

- E-mail,

- Security code.

After entering the required information, please tick the confirmation that the acceptance of the Terms and boldly press "Send" button. Not to worry, that the configuration of your computer will not be suitable for gameplay. System requirements are really minimal. If you have an Internet connection and a modern web browser, you can enjoy one of the most interesting virtual entertainment.

Irod registration you made lawful occupant of the extraordinary world, and now you need to start their duties. First, take care of the development of the city. First of all it is necessary to improve the town hall to level 10. This will provide an opportunity to join one of the three countries. Also other types of construction bank, shop, barn, treasury, home, forges need your care. They can be improved to increase the potential that game, which was originally laid. Second, you must go through the Gate of Ages to find heroes and get them to fight in the ranks of your army. You encounter such famous personages as Scipio, Mardonius, Leonid, Hannibal, King Arthur, Spartacus, Merlin, Doctor, Pompey the Great, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan. Most likely you have heard about their exploits, and no need to explain what benefits can bring such experienced warriors. Third, certainly need razdobyvat stone particles St. Eloi. With their help you can call for help and the above characters. Eloy collect pebbles can be in different places and eras. Try not to miss anything, and because of the success! And finally, the fourth - a combat mission, the battle for the cities and regions. You must ruthlessly destroy the dark creatures that and strive to annoy people. Recapture continent from evil Herod. Developing, you reach the point when you have to come to grips with it in Abisalle. Dialed during gameplay experience will help defeat the hated enemy.

To play the game online Irod You must select one of the existing races. To her in the end and will belong. Inhabitants who are willing to stand against the evil of death are divided into these races:

- Union Tribe (brave, discreet, highly intelligent, not retreating from their goals; and can use heavy weapons and seek the help of black magic)

- Empire of the Nobles (justice loving homeland defenders, who are renowned as Noble)

- United Mercenaries (nomadic tribes, who believe that they can liberate humanity from the invasion and ready to fight both at sea and on land).

Online game Irod recommends monitoring Martial achievements and prestige. It's pretty important aspects that determine your position in the game world. Also you need to save money. There are two types of currency. Gold more common than diamonds, which is available through the use of extra features. You must replenish stocks of such an important resource as food. Without it neither form nor maintain an army. Incidentally, with regard to the soldiers, the more their number is under your command - the better. Huge strong army - the basis of combat power. So, go ahead, because everything is in your hands!

Irod play will be more comfortable as an alliance. If you feel that the power to be a major, create your own alliance. Otherwise, join an existing one. Together with friends, no tests will scare you! Expand influence his pleasure!

Irod game is waiting for you and ready to give a good impression! Join now - and you will never regret it! Having fun and interesting and rewarding! Let realized all your plans!


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