Ishtvar War Brothers

Alternative names: Ishtvar War Brothers

Ishtvar Game: War of the Brothers was first introduced to the world in 2007. And since then it has managed to acquire a huge amount of fans. Thousands of gamers from around the world are able to evaluate all the charm of an unusual reading normal at first glance, RPG -game. This browser-based game, so you do not have to download and install any additional files or programs.

Like most other online projects Ishtvar: War Brothers registration will be necessary to start the process of gameplay. Since the entire game interface adapted for Russian users, deal with all the features of the registration process is not difficult.

1. To registration started, you can simply click on the corresponding button located on the homepage of the game.

2. In appearing before you registration form, focusing on the tips of the system will need to fill in all fields in order, specifying the username and password for entry and choose the look of your character, then you can start Ishtvar: War Brothers play.

Anyone can log in to the project with the help of your account in Facebook or Vkontakte, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the registration process. By the way, in order to enable you to test the game before signing up, there is a function test of battle.

Ishtvar: War Brothers online - is a multiplayer game, which is a mixture of shooter and traditional RPG -game. Ahead offers many tasks and quests. And his starting job you get directly after registration. We strongly recommend that you take it, because with it you can better understand all the features of the game, and be able to imagine what awaits you in the future.

As you may have guessed, the game apart from anything else you expect fights and battles. So that you can successfully play the game Ishtvar: War Brothers, you should be familiar with the basic principles of combat mechanics. Your "hands" in the game that you have created characters. So you can win battles, you will need to think carefully about all combat soldiers parting scheme. All the actions you can support magic spells and magical effects. And at some point it was magic can play a decisive role, but also a large part of a successful outcome of the game depends precisely on the right strategy.

In Ishtvar: War Brothers free you can play the following character classes:

1. Farmer.

2. Hunter.

3. Militia.


In this online game you will find many new friends with your peers from all corners of the globe. Meet and join the already established clans or, if desired, you can set up their own new clan. During the game you will be able to communicate with all other users via chat. And the game has a special calculator that allows you to calculate the possible consequences of heavy fighting.


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