Jade Dynasty

Alternative names: Jade Dynasty

If you - a connoisseur of the finest oriental flavor, do not have anything against the wisdom of the ancient gods and ready to pass for adventurous hero, welcome to Jade Dynasty. Online game Jade Dynasty please innovations and features that ensure its popularity among other MMORPGs.

Minimum System Requirements:

1. Operating System - Windows ® ME, 2000, Windows 7, Vista x32;

2. Processor - Intel Pentium IV 1500 MHz;

3. Video Card - 64 MB;

4. RAM - 1 GB;

5. 5 GB of free hard disk space.

So, to start the game, you must fill out a standard form page Join Jade Dynasty. You can do it on her official website, where clicking on the link of the same name, you must:

• Enter your valid e-mail;

• Specify a password;

• Create a username under which you will know in the game and forum;

• Next Join in the game Jade Dynasty offers to accept the need for an agreement, read the Rules of the game and existing penalties;

• Click on "Register".

When should download the game client on your PC, install, and thus obtain access to the game. In Jade Dynasty, you can play by pressing the appropriate shortcut on the desktop or in the "Start". When you first enter the game, you will need to decide on one of the proposed server and enter - you specified in step Jade Dynasty Registration - username and password.

The next step - creating your character. Once you have decided on the way, you will have to make a very important choice - faction. Total of five here:

1. Skysong (good healers) → improve protection, treat the wounded and revive the fallen;

2. Jadeon (good Rangers) → their "horse" - the attack from a distance, but weak in melee, especially in defense,

3. Vim (evil tanks) → strong in both attack and defense, alas, it does not belong to the group and attack from a distance, so the accumulation of standing enemies attack only when absolutely necessary;

4. Lupin (evil mercenaries) → have a diverse set of attacking skills;

5. Modo (necromancer and a werewolf) → most likely, they can be attributed to the forces of evil, though no one knows the truth of their intentions. They are able to transform during a fight in powerful creatures and drinking life of the opponents.

Game Jade Dynasty Online boasts the following features that distinguish it from other free MMORPG:

• Thanks to the development of a classless, you can create your own, unique warrior. To a great extent thanks to this particular play the game online Jade Dynasty - a real pleasure.

• The variety of available quests: and legendary, and clan, and all sorts of hunting monsters and treasures, quests, travel, research, historical.

• A considerable amount of Jade Dynasty online dungeons.

• Easy navigation system: in quests there is a special pointer to the path plus - click in the right place card automatically provides passage to this point.

• You can choose to create weapons and armor (Kraft).

• A variety of vehicles.

• If you own a pet obzavedetes certainly play Jade Dynasty will be more interesting and easier. Most of these pets you can get into wild areas or in any other place.

• Jade Dynasty online game that provides players with swords incredible flight.

• Modernization of armor, weapons and appearance.

• You can play the game online Jade Dynasty fully only when communicating with other players. Especially, it is very developed system of alliances.

• You can learn skills and romantic, by association, again, to enter into a formal marriage.

Purity, fragility and the incredible beauty of the world of Jade Dynasty due to kinship with the history of ancient China. In the very beginning you will only lonely paladin, but over time it will gain the skills that draw you most. After all, you need to understand the secrets of immortality, and savvy along with persistence is not hurt. Good luck!


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