Alternative names: Kartuga

Online game Kartuga - free browser pirate strategy with RPG elements, which unfolds in real time. Thanks Kartuga Online You can feel the real robber and dissect on marine expanses, and then vstrevaya into dangerous scrapes. The entire world ocean is open for your research. Feel lord these vast expanses! Company InnoGames - publisher of the game, made sure that users are not bored. Lots of interesting cases are coming brave travelers. You have every right to attack merchant ships to plunder the city, to wrangle with the forces of justice, to do everything possible to be enriched. Pirate life is ideal for those who are not accustomed to sit still. Need a huge amount of energy to perform numerous quests of varying difficulty, unable to keep improving your ship, to cover all the necessary aspects that promise development. If you decide to play Kartuga, it should be noted that now the project is at the stage of closed beta testing. Therefore Kartuga registration - it is simply a request for an invitation to the game, rather than direct access to the raging crazy adventures. But do not worry that your desire to be left unattended. Doors to the virtual world will be open to all comers.

Join in the game requires Kartuga fill these fields: username, password, email address. Then you accept the agreement, then you can expect a letter to the specified e-mail. Encouraged by the fact that the system requirements for the game is not too high. In the presence of a modern browser and high-speed Internet, you can safely play with the computer, even the average parameters.

So, where do you start Kartuga play? Needless to say that with the acquisition of the ship. Before you set sail ship prepare accordingly. Note that the improvement of ships you will be engaged throughout the game. Development of the same character is due to the accumulation of experience. And the more - the better. After you progress through the gameplay offers access to dozens of different skills. Each for himself chooses the style of play. Fortunately, the game provides a bunch of features that contribute to the freedom of choice. Get at least, for example, various types of ships. You can choose exactly what dearer heart and feel lucky aboard true.

Kartuga game requires tactics. And best of these questions in advance to coordinate with team members. Yes, it is much more useful to unite, rather than by trying to win fame. Team Actions yet no harm, and even quite the contrary. Especially that team fights in the game - pretty impressive sight, and get involved in them alone will not work. Learn to amicably resolve problems within the team, do not lose your friends over trifles. Treat with due respect to each party, whoever he was. By the way, you can choose for themselves the role of the Engineer, or Destroyer Protector. And even though they have different functions in each coordinated team action brings many benefits. Type the characters is different in that they have a unique way of development, its own style and vocation. Accordingly, to the role that choose to adapt the personal ship.

The single player campaign in the game is more suited for leveling skills pirate. Basically you play the game Kartuga, enjoying the different multiplayer modes. Try all available, to understand what the most hits the spot.

In the endless battles and should be dealt with such matters as a treasure hunt, transportation of goods, the development of science, research areas, the release of comrades in distress, arming ships. It is worth mentioning that the game takes place a change of historical eras. This eliminates the monotony - and you never get bored again and again to an exciting venture. Let now your leisure becomes more interesting and rich. Good luck!


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