Khan Wars

Alternative names: Khan Wars

Khan Wars online - free browser-based multiplayer strategy game from the company XS Softwa. Basis of the gameplay up a battle between different nations living in virtual land. Everything Whatever you do, be it construction or resource extraction is done in order to develop their own state and to increase its combat power. After all, only the strong will not be afraid to attack the enemy to rejoice then dizzying victory. But this does not mean that, without committing ourselves attack, you will not be drawn into the fighting. Quite often defend themselves against aggressors and better be ready for such meetings. Do not loiter! Create a reliable army and take part in a grand war!

To play Khan Wars enough computer with average parameters. So do not worry about the system requirements. If you have the desire - to join. Plunge into the atmosphere will help combat Khan Wars registration. Account is created as follows: Entered the game name, email address and password. By default, you accept the terms of the agreement. Be prepared - now something will fling!

First of all, to choose which nation you want to play Khan Wars. Think carefully, because the round will be impossible to change it. Every nation has its own characteristics, its own special unit and joined, you will receive exactly the bonuses that and put this nation. Generally, there are 11 such nations: Arabs, Lithuanians, Goths, Russian, Persian, Franks, Bretons, Mongols, Byzantines, Bolgartsy, Germans, Japanese. This diversity allows you to select the most suitable option.

What includes gameplay, but an endless carnage. Each player must engage in the development and the development of their possessions. All buildings erected on the territory of his own castle. You must have Farms, Gold mines, iron mines, and to provide themselves with resources. Also need to take care of the Barracks and Stables, that was where the train fighting units. Do not forget about such important subjects as a defensive wall, Cache, Cathedral, Tower, Warehouses, Stables. Not do without the Market Tavern, Hospitals. And for farming really need Forge, Windmill and various workshops. Only by building it all, you can feel confident. In fact, the castle - your home. So create it for yourself comfortable environment! By the way, over time you can increase the number of locks that are under your control. Otherwise, why would need conquest? But in this case there are limitations. One player can not simultaneously rule over more than eleven locks.

With regard to resources, to economic include gold, iron, wood, food. All this is obtained in different ways. But there are resources such as population and loyalty. Develop housing, to get more people. It is used for training units and efficiency of buildings. Well, when many residents, try not to leave them in the lurch. Public confidence in the owner of the Castle vymeryat loyalty. Who does not want respect! Be a wise leader!

Let's see what will consist of our troops. Without an army to play the game Khan Wars is simply unrealistic. So the troops are divided into these types: Archers (Crossbowmen, Archers, Royal Archers), Horse troops (Light Cavalry, Horse Archers, Scouts, Heavy Cavalry), Hiking troops (Axeman, mace-bearer, Swordsman, Pikener) and Siege Machines (Taran, Ballista, Catapult). There are special forces that for every nation - his own. Key role in creating strategies play knights. It is they who will lead your army. In the development of the Kingdom Knights play an important role. There are 4 classes of knights: Marshal, Landowner, Trader and Spy. Each type has its own hero active and passive abilities. Knights earn their authority through the skilful command of armies and the successful completion of numerous missions.

Game Khan Wars no one user will not allow to sit idle. After she left a lot of different tasks. Prepare to implement the military, economic and simple tasks. Dear fans of military battles, registration in the game Khan Wars is waiting for you! Join today and spend your leisure time saturated.




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