Kings and Legends

Alternative names: Kings and Legends

Game Kings and Legends - an online game designed in the style of IMO. Kings and Legends Online played through a browser.

Game Kings and Legends allows players assume the role of King. You will receive and use special cards that calling creatures spells and [ _1_] attack monsters when you fight against them.

To find out what is in the Kings and Legends registration, you should read the information that is described in the text below:

1. Go to the website Kings and Legends.

2. You will see on the home page form to fill out to register in the game.

3. In her first cell type in your email address.

4. Think for a game password and write it in the second cell.

5. In order to make sure that you have entered the correct password, repeat it again in the next cell. Write it separately, so as not to forget.

6. If you agree to the site rules and privacy policy and website, then place a check mark in the cell you want.

7. Click on the red button with the inscription « Kostenlos spielen » .

You also have the opportunity to register on the official page in Facebook-e, clicking on the blue button below the previous registration form with the inscription « Mit Facebook anmelden ».

Game KaL a browser game, so you do not need to worry about the power of your personal computer, as long as the speed of the Internet combined with it. In this case it means that if your computer is weak, High-Speed ​​Internet also can "slow down."

Play Kings and Legends, you'll be building his kingdom, collecting a variety of cards.

In Kings and Legends play you will, when faced with such races

1. People. This class rely mainly on the struggle man to man . You do not be afraid dive into real battle which can be either on their feet, and the horse.

2. Elves. Elven troops prefer fight for a long distance . They use a bow and powerful magic to keep their enemies Distance . In melee they quickly lose energy and become weak.

3. Mongrels. They have a lot of features. But their main advantage is unique move on the battlefield.

4. Corpses. These troops refuse to die, and, finally, to cling to the slightest opportunity to live. Their presence and appearance cause fear in their opponents.

5. Orcs. This extremely hardy being with a lot of power, and therefore, their hard to beat .

6. Goblins. Thanks to low growth they can quickly enter the battlefield . Their strength lies in their numbers.

7. Demons. Even if their requirements at first glance unspectacular, their various skills may even [ _1_] the strongest opponents put knees.


Kings and Legends Online - this is an amazing game with a lot of adventures and battles. You do not need anything, except how to create and show that you are a real player and you are not afraid of difficulties. Good luck to you Kings and Legends!


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