King's Bounty

Alternative names: King's Bounty

King's Bounty - computer turn-based game. The first strategic and role-playing game released in the year one thousand and ninety, in a series of popular games in the fantasy genre. King's Bounty game that at first glance may seem like nothing to attract attention. But if you still look at it, you realize that the only place where you can get acquainted with the existence of such an interesting fantastic character like a Viking. King's Bounty game legend of heroes of fiction.

That's when you are reading and looking at all the possible information about this game decide to play it, you will need to visit the site on which you will be given the opportunity to play King's Bounty download. King's Bounty game download will be pretty easy thing to keep in the presence of such a program or torrent download.

The essence of the game King's Bounty is your character battles with evil enemies, like monsters during his putishestviya. All the action takes place on the territory of Endor in Darion. The game Kings Bounty, is standard for any computer game, in the beginning requires the creation and selection of your character. Here it is necessary to think well as the selection status of the character affects his entire gameplay. First, let's get acquainted with the characteristic of each of the proposals.

Just recently, a series of games King's Bounty refreshed release of a new series called King's Bounty Warrior North. Here you have a choice of three characters:

• Viking;

• Skald;

• Magus.

Viking - the main and only qualitative master battlefield, which is growing faster than any defense and attack. Also, only in the presence of such a unique phenomenon of resistance north and absolute rage. Making it causing heavy damage to the enemy, with almost no have Patera.

Skald - plus it - possession of magic. His strength is in fighting mood and the number of troops, which he enriches force as the best leader, magic. He also has a power of resurrection and treat the wounded.

Magus - also has the ability to magic - rune. This character does not rely on force or the army, he hopes only for wisdom and profound effect. Only available to him the ability - higher magic and alchemy. Magus guided tactical, thoughtful solutions to gain allies and weakening enemies or just crush the enemy flow of magic.

In Kings Bounty play is interesting and entertaining. But male players will enjoy the images of characters - companions, existing to protect the protagonist - the Valkyries. Here you can meet and even gnomes, which you'll be protected. You'll be on the road to visit the markets and shops, these are characters that are not particularly affect the gameplay.

Game King's Bounty made longitudinally in the high-quality graphics, especially if we consider the recent series of games. also offered music, which only emphasizes the nature of the game successfully.

Can begin to gameplay. Defenseless people waiting manifestation of your courage and your help. Good game!


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