Alternative names: Klondike
Have you ever dreamed to find a gold mine now? Then Klondike online application will help you to realize a dream! This game has a lot of advantages. First, it is browser based, so you can play it without installing any client. Second, it is made very high quality: good graphics, atmospheric music, themed characters. Thirdly, the project has a story, not inferior to the scale most client games. It seems this should be enough for you to want to start playing in the Klondike? Once you install the application, you will lose a few hours a day (so if you have now or session deadline, we recommend familiarity with the game postponed until better times). Klondike - a game which is suitable for gamblers. During gameplay appear regularly new job, so you will need to constantly strive for something. Particularly interesting are considered thematic tasks that the project is preparing for the holidays. Usually "public" jobs are temporary, so they need to perform in the first place, otherwise get an original and useful gift will not work. Surely, you think, that in the Klondike gold heart of the story. But hasten to disappoint you (or to please, decide for yourself! ) Except that you will find a gold mine, you (and this in the first place) will need to find traces of his father. In the story, the protagonist - a boy whose dad a long time ago on an expedition to the North. He regularly wrote letters to his wife and son, but one day the letters stopped coming. Everyone thinks the protagonist's father died, but the boy does not believe in his death. Now, when the boy grew up, he is ready to repeat the way my dad and learn about all the secrets. The game Klondike quests for the main character starts with the place, which was described in the last letters of the disappeared father. Here you with your ward meets cute Northerner named Muette Shade. He will be your guide and assistant. Shadow give you a dumb pick father and tell you where to look for the hidden legacy. Procured "peredachku" from his father, the hero will be able to begin your journey. Communication with the locals replace training regimen. Shadow dumb explain what needs to be done, and tooltips show how. Since the search for gold - a long process, you will have to settle near the mine. As the game progresses you will need to erect buildings in the Klondike, to care for a small garden and pets, improving your character and improve their levels. Each level opens the way for new gamers tasks and artifacts. The project is interactive, that is, you can play together with your friends. Go to visit each other, help neighbors - it can bring additional bonus prizes, sometimes a virtue even allows you to get the most expensive currency - Klondike stones.

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