Alternative names: KnightFight

KnightFight online - fantastic multiplayer browser game with spectacular PvP fights. This German project, which in 2007 was recognized as one of the best among similar browser games. Users are invited to become a member of the most deadly and brutal wars. You will act as a knight. History of the game tells you how long ago, in the Middle Ages, the faithful followers of the King of Knights World famous for their exploits. They fought for honor and truth, faithfully served their leader. But soon some of them began to violate oaths and data desired to hold untold treasures. Such disgraceful behavior apparently was contagious. It is enough to prompt many knights decided that honors them little ones, it is better to extract valuable trophies and rich. Knights began carrying out raids after bloody battles divided between the stolen valuables. These wayward persons called the Knights of Darkness. Thus, the Order of the Knights as it split into two camp. Starting play KnightFight, you must decide on whose side act and what kind of life to lead. Engage in battle for the glory and preach the good or evil to protect ideas, enriched with using external troubles. Go your own way and enjoy the intense gameplay.

In a fantasy world you will transfer registration KnightFight. You must fill out a form with these fields: Email Address, Username, Password (confirm in the next line). Then opposite proposals Agree Terms tick. After the registration you will automatically receive a newsletter from the administration. Everything you see, is quite simple. The system requirements do not worry. They are really low. The main connection to the Internet and a modern browser - and you can plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of incredible adventures.

KnightFight Having started playing, you quickly figure everything out. Since server-language problems should not arise. So you became a true warrior and should perform duties assigned to you. Before a knight and a huge number of jobs, but do not panic and abandon the gameplay out of fear that it will all be too time consuming. Believe me, you will master even though that you will not linger long in front of computer. Enough to send the hero to perform the task, and you are free. Go about your business, from time to time looking after a while.

List the features that has KnightFight game and that will not leave you indifferent. First, there is an extensive system of avatars. That is available to customize the appearance of the hero, using various elements such as haircuts, scars, jewelry and other things. Second, a good selection of equipment. You can use both one-handed and two-handed weapons. Swords, axes, armor, amulets, shields, rings - it's only a small part of the range in-game arsenal. Third, a fascinating character development. You must be pumped and become stronger. Each success brings rewards in the form points, and gold medals. All this use to improve their own performance. Fourth, an elaborate system of fighting. Capabilities are impressive. You can do it yourself to fight against the hated enemies, and take part in mass brawls. For example, Guild Wars is so vast that you will remember them for a long time. Come on! Needless to Do languishing from inaction when you can have a pleasant time!

Eternal struggle with the enemy side - that's the lot of the inhabitants KnightFight Online. Defend their principles in bloody battles. Remember, you have no right to despair to get the victory, and with it dominance over opponents! Your destiny is in your hands! Suppose you luck always smiling!


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