Knight Online

Alternative names: Knight Online

New game Knight Online differs from other online games that it played a huge role human relations. At first glance from other online projects, this does not differ, the difference will only be noticeable after the game. It is a multiplayer online game in which you will find a huge number of tasks and quests, which you can perform yourself, or invite a friend to help. Korean developers of the project are IT -master. It is worth noting that all performed at the highest level, and the game was actually decent. Beautiful graphics, own "highlight", extraordinary gameplay, teamwork - a lovely set of qualities that can interest any gamer.

In fact, many gemyerov from around the world have already managed to pay attention to Knight Online and began to be pumped into the project, referring friends and acquaintances to collective efforts to achieve their goals. Incidentally it is a collectivity and the same "highlight" of the game. You as well as in most other interactive projects will need to try to improve their level to perform the task and receive various awards and artifacts strive to win first place in the ranking. But that's not all. You also have to help the other players to develop their skills and pass the mission, pumping levels and achieve success. Mutual assistance and friendly human relations is valued much higher than the improvement of the image of your character, buy expensive items and weapons.

Since this article we are talking about this project online, it is easy to guess that, as in most other online games, Knight Online registration you need to be sure to start the gameplay. To date, online games can not find a word in Russian, but not in a hurry to be frightened. You're an experienced gamer, you've seen many online games, so deal with it you can easily project on an intuitive level (if you want because you can always use a dictionary or translator built-in browser).

1. To the registration process could begin, you will need to follow the link « Sign up » , which is located at the top right of the main page of the project.

2. You will see a form for registering a new user, after which you can fill in the start Knight Online play . Carefully read the tips in order of administration and complete all fields.

3. Once the form is submitted, you will need to download the appropriate for your operating system installation file online game client.

Now that you can freely to play the game Knight Online , you will experience the most interesting mode « Massive War » in action. You will need to pre-select one from the distribution system

1. El Morad .

2. Man.

3. Orc.

4. Karus .


And remember, play Knight Online World you can with your friends, achieving success and recognition!


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