Fidelity: Knights and Princesses

Alternative names: Knights and Brides

Open in a beautiful medieval castle or take part in a tournament, feel the spirit of Romanticism and learn about the nobility of gentlemen now really, because this tells the game Loyalty: Knights and Princesses.

Your role in the game

The creators of the toy realized not just a story interesting to both sexes, but also made them contact. And the closer the communication, while the players will be in Fidelity: Knights and Princesses play, the more tangible the positive result.

Select who you will be: a prince or a princess. Each character has an important role in this virtual world:

  • Venenosnye girls take care of the garden and the farm, prepare food. This contradicts the prevailing ideas about princesses, who are only supposed to be capricious, dance at balls and make intricate riddles to the grooms, but they do not argue with the authors.
  • State boys spend most of their time in the military camp, honing their knightly skills to provide the young and beautiful maiden with protection.

This is better - it's a matter of honor for your hero

V Fidelity: Knights and Princesses are needed because the game is browser-based.

The character's character should perform the tasks assigned to him, but there are also the moments that unite them:

  • Update your specifications
  • Developing the territory
  • Receive profit
  • Collecting the collection
  • Interact with each other
After going through a simple procedure, you will become part of the magical world in which you are waiting for pleasant discoveries.

Princesses will grow livestock, harvest, cook meals, decorate the estate, and even make crafts. But these simple exercises will only strengthen the knights sympathy, which guarantees them certain blessings.

The knights compete in a demonstration of courage and strength in tournaments, while soft feather beds are preferred by the beds of the military camp. Gradually, their armor and weapons wear out, and we need to update them, buying in a shop or doing on the smithy.

Good of relationships

you definitely can not do without contact with the opposite sex, if you want to advance and achieve something in the game Loyalty: Knights and Princess iPlayer. To both it brings:

  • Financial well-being
  • Increases your fame
  • Gives the ladies protection

Income is expressed in the number of coins and rubies. Rubies are exchanged especially valuable things, and you can get them when passing quests and levels, publishing news on your playing wall or exchanging for the voices of friends.

Knights get the knights, performing different assignments and after each victory in the battle. And the princesses are enriched while working on the farm, and also performing tasks.

There is another kind of property collection. In this section, things come from the chests or they can be found in the grass. The princess gets them after the stone has been destroyed, a tree is felled, or a good harvest of fruit trees. The prince, in order to become the owner of a chest with gifts, should look to the princess. She will treat the gentleman with dinner, and after his meal he will remove from the table. Only then will there be a chest that the knight will pick up.

Necessary fame characters earn, carrying out assignments of neighbors, some work or taking guests. Knights will find a bonus near the tent, and the princess in his mansion. Bring the glory of the joint actions of the heroes. The princess will feed the prince with the prepared dish, and he will bring her fame. Then he goes to the tournament and, in case of his victory, pieces of glory get to both. But this is only if they are engaged or sympathetic to each other. The princess, who has a defender, knows that her castle is protected, and neighbors will not steal her trunks and bird's nests.


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