Knight Legend

Alternative names: Knight's fable

MORPG turn-based strategy players have already joined the Legend of the Knight RPG game. This is another fantastic story, where magic is the norm of life of a fairy tale country. Each character owns it and constantly improves its level until it becomes a universal warrior.

The main plot outline: the battle of the forces of Light against demons destroying the world. Here the magnificent graphics with a clear drawing, vivid special effects, the growing dynamics of events, the fascinating theme of the story, original quests, exciting mass battles and PvP - when one gamer opposes the other, fully manifested themselves.

When choosing your hero: a knight, mage, murderer or seeker, just feel which one is closer to you in spirit, because their skills are somewhat similar, and each ability is important. Gradually develop them in order to achieve perfection by completing the many tasks indicated on the right in the upper corner of the playing field. Thanks to this you will get a new experience, abilities, weapons and uniforms.

In the first stage, you will receive a companion who will tell you which direction to go, help you get comfortable in this mysterious world, support you at the moment of danger. But once a witch kidnaps him, and now your task is to save her partner. Use the experience gained from it to further develop yourself.

.Since the game focuses on the dynamics of events, namely - on the battles, the pumping of characters occurs fairly quickly. After each successful battle or completed assignment you have the privilege to acquire some utility.

The first game round is played alive thanks to the prompts, but gradually the process becomes richer and more complex. Gaining experience, get ready to apply it in practice, when the most dangerous enemies, controlled by other players, will come out against you. But if it is reasonable to apply magic artifacts, you will be able to drop enemy forces, and help you:

  • Transformation, changing in an uncontrollable, random way properties of things;
  • Synthesis destroying some objects in order to improve the characteristics of others;
  • Casting - the ability to disassemble the object into parts and get the desired element;
  • Improvement - quality, which allows to significantly improve the existing characteristics of objects.

By getting your adventures up to the eleventh level, you can create your own beast. After that, you will be accompanied by an indispensable assistant in all battles, who can provide considerable help on the battlefield, reduce enemy forces and take you to a new level.

.Since every purchase requires expenses, you have a currency in your treasury - silver and gold coins. Animals are being exchanged for silver, equipment forging services, and gold provides more valuable artifacts that can be obtained in a virtual shop.

VKontakte and Odnoklassniki players have united around the game Legend of the Knight and are ready to share their experience.

  • Without creating a beast, you can not do if you want to effectively fight and pass levels.
  • Using the force of "Shaking the Earth", in one action destroy the enemy, but the blow will not be so crushing if you have reached a higher level. In this case, the partner Angel will bring you more benefit.
  • Having chosen a hero at the very beginning, you cannot replace him with another. Think over all the points before making the final choice.
  • To instantly exit the battle, use the "Quick End" feature. But being in full screen mode, it may become inaccessible.

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