Knights of Glory

Alternative names: Knights of Glory

Game Knights of Glory - it's an exciting, unique and quite wonderful world of computer games online.

Interface game site is presented in the Arabic language, so users who do not know Arabic, will be great difficulties with the management of the site.

In Knights of Glory registration represented directly on the site, as well as through the social network Facebook. Since a large number of people do not know Arabic, recommendations on the registration in the game Knights of Glory described through Facebook.

In order to register in the game Knights of Glory You have to do the following steps in sequence:

1) Find game site Knights of Glory.

2) Go to the site itself on the home page you need to click on the blue button with the sign «f».

3) You will see the Facebook page. There, click on the "Register" button.

4) In the first form, enter your name.

5) Then enter your name.

6) Then enter your email address.

7) Then again, write the address of your e-mail box.

8) Specify the password for the game.

9) Select your date of birth. Date required in order for you to make much more interesting social network.

10) Indicate your gender.

11) When you register you automatically agree to all the terms and rules of the game Knights of Glory.

12) Then click on the "Register" button.

Registration is free and will be as they say users of the site, always.

Play Knights of Glory Only users who have signed up to the game and have reached grownhood. Also pay attention to the fact that the power of your personal computer should not be less than the average, and your computer must be connected to high speed Internet.

In Knights of Glory You will play in times of historical events. This game tells the story of Islamic conquest.

Game Knights of Glory online is a browser game with free registration. Its main feature - that's what this game is the first game in which touches upon Islamic conquerors.

Also, you do not need to download any additional files (game client). You can start playing straight through any Internet browser.

In Knights of Glory online to play you need to select the server on which you want to play, and you need to choose the type of game.

After this, you will need to select a payment method. Then you will see the page that you will need to enter your name and password for the commission payment.

Today sees the release of the iPhone version of Knights of Glory online, after its approval on the App Store from Apple, and the company claims that this is the first Arabic MMO on the App Store.

Sign in the game Knights of Glory online and start playing the game in the first Arab game, in which the battle between the sultans.

Immerse yourself in battle and Islamic culture of the Arab people. Surprise yourself discoveries of all traditions and features of the game Knights of Glory!


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