Alternative names: Colonizers

Acquainted with one of the best online strategies from those offered at the moment - "colonialists." Colonizers browser game, which tells of the capture of territories in times of great geographical discoveries. Battles between the colonial powers were particularly bloody, often natives played a decisive role in the struggles adhering to varying Storey, although, as a rule, almost always they were the injured party.

Colonialists game offers an interesting plot conceived economic system with the possibility of active hostilities. The goal - to grow a world power, starting with the colony in godforsaken jungle.

Register colonialists in the game is a prerequisite for the game. In order to start playing registration colonialists ask you to fill in a few fields with your information - fill in the fields:

  1. Login (playing a fictional name)
  2. Email
  3. Sex
  4. Invited login and password, in case you are invited to play one of your friends (this will bring you up bonus as well and invited)

Agreeing with the rules of participation in the game you'll get to know this world serdnevekovym closer.

And so to achieve your goal you have to trade relations with Europe, the Aborigines, as you will be able to create clans, trade alliances or join existing ones. Early in the game you start its development under the auspices of one of the five colonial countries

  • England
  • Spain
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Holland

England has earned the status of the queen of the seas, as a nation that began to conquer uncharted territory of the first, and the small English settlements were gradually transformed into a huge city. Playing for England, you get a bonus increased immigration of colonists from Europe.

Starting the game under the flags of Spain, you can be sure that your people are not back at the crucial moment, and your bonus - increased strength in cavalry battles with the natives.

Playing for France, you will be able to trade with the local population on more favorable terms, as France has always been known for loyalty to the Aboriginal people have always tried to take the best of local culture bringing its social system in distant colonies.

Portugal and the Netherlands joined the colonial race among the last accumulated solid technological advantages.

Colonialists online game offers three types of resources:

  • Resources to build units
  • Resources for buildings
  • Resources for trade

Among the units, too, is to provide several categories:

  • Workers
  • Warriors
  • Natives

Workers are needed for normal resource extraction, construction of buildings and the full support of your army and public order. Combat units are needed for defense and attack. Powerful army - your prosperity and security, because it does not take the interests of the colony, whose army can kill your town in the blink of an eye.


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