Alternative names: Digger
In Digger Online play will appeal to all those gamers who are attracted to the project Maynkrafte. This, in fact, a copy of which was brought online and is framed as a browser application. The latter, by the way, became so popular that even the most dedicated client games gamers exchanged their favorite projects into simpler browser-based alternatives. In a relatively new application Digger Online Free Play All students in the project do not have any hidden pitfalls. Thanks to an interesting story and a fairly simple game management immediately able to earn accolades of many players, and the number of subscribers grateful today was more than 4.5 million. It is impossible not to mention the fact that there are many Maynkrafte twins. Many developers have tried to replicate the success of the original project. But once the game Digger Online was recognized as the most successful copy - the creators of the application came to their work creatively, so the magnitude of the game managed to shake the world of online applications. All items in the project, as well as in the present Maynkrafte, very reminiscent of the designer. Characters, landscapes, location - everything is in the form of cubes. The gameplay is that gamers will have to build homes in Digger Online, execute, proposed tasks to extract resources, dig, create their own "konstruktornuyu" empire. As this interactive multiplayer game, gamers will actively cooperate with all friends and those who already own the app installed. If desired, your city in the game Digger Online vkontakte can be closed from the visitors, but it is recommended only as a last resort (when you believe that you have any enemies, ready to shatter and destroy everything in its path to victory.) Nor should we make entry into its territory of charge, because it's just turn away potential friends from you. Receive help and gifts from friends far more pleasant, so it's best to equip the cozy area of ​​the city and to establish itself as a friendly host. Watch everything that happened in the game can be with the camera, transmitting image from the first person. Manage the same actions can be heroes using the mouse and keyboard. At the very beginning of the project the system will tell you about the main features of the game control. As surprising as that sounds, but implemented in line digger schemes involve the use of picks. Starting to play in the project, you will be genuinely surprised by what turns out to be able to do this simple and straightforward tool. From picks can build and destroy buildings, mine minerals, you will not believe, but even a pick can be useful in the process of decorating the room. And, of course, is a tool to help get the main characters in the annex Digger Live crystals - a kind of game currency.

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