Kings Ice

Alternative names: Ice Kings

If you are tired of inexpressive game domestic players, take the initiative in their hands - be a manager and a coach of the most successful hockey team in the game Kings Ice online! Try on a status of sports leadership and strategist in spectacular ice battles.

But before we start to play the game online Ice Kings, we draw your attention to the technical aspects of your part in it.

Because of its simplicity and good graphics optimization Kings Ice online game in which the lowest possible system requirements:

  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
  • Sound card
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Can use any browser and the minimum internet connection speed

Join in the game Kings Ice - as the process simple and brief. Enter your login name and address of the current e-mail box. Then you specify gender, country of residence and the country of your desired future team (citizenship for hockey players), and even password confirmation. Now we only have to agree with the three points of the rules and conditions for participation in the game and your registration Kings Ice ready. Once you receive an email with a link to activate your account and confirmed exactly what you need in Kings Ice register, log in and go for the wins!

Online Game Ice Kings - a classic hockey manager, where you will develop your own style of game and, of course, to prove its effectiveness as a coach and team manager. You start to play the game online Ice Kings that choose the basic attributes of your hockey club: team name, emblem, shape, and of any additional fines. This will help you a special constructor.

Next, go to the first task, which consists of three stages. Each stage - one friendly game in which you begin to implement your tactics and analyze the strengths / weaknesses of their team. This information is very useful to you for future training and improve the team rankings. At your disposal 22 hockey. Train them, model the impacts, increase physical activity, in general, do everything for the next match to be a cut above.

Each of the 22 players have the skills and abilities:

  • Physical readiness - percentage designation how tired player
  • Skills - shows class player, his game performance
  • Morality - depends on the performance of the match
  • Position player (defender, striker, and so )
  • Alignment position (at no extra position player can be a substitute)

Your task is to be able to develop and distribute these characteristics so that in the course of the game to get a minimum of damage and get the most out of each application on the player. Indeed, ahead of major tournaments, and more and more tactfully will behave your opponent.

But the game Kings Ice online - it's not just chasing the puck and coach the team. Here you will be able to improve its ice rink, hire staff like doctors and masseurs. Apart from these, you will need a few coaches to help develop team skills, by the way, for the goalkeeper will also need a separate coach. Policy exchange buying players here will also be appropriate - if you are a talented coach, you can make good money on it.

Perhaps play Kings Ice, will be mostly male audience, though girls can try their hand. This is exactly the case when we can prove - to play in the Kings Ice not necessarily be a "real man" thing to be adventurous and visionary strategist.

Online Game Ice Kings for lovers of ice and puck!


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