Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships

Alternative names: Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships

Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships - roleplaying computer game RPG, simulator. Game Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships developed and published by Akella in Russian cooperation with the Seaward. ru. It was released as a part of the continuing series of games about the pirate life in the wilds of the Caribbean - The Corsairs. This version is improved as much as possible in those parts, which, in certain reasons, have not been eliminated initially. Some series of games are presented not only for our countrymen, as well as distant countries.

For a game process, and in general with the storyline, we recommend you see represented on the Internet, Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships video and read through the review. Next you will visit the site where you can play Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships download.

Your character will be selected by reticence of the three presented

• Peter Blood;

• Ian Stace;

• Diego Espinosa.

Peter Blood - a doctor, appeared to pass the hardest tests. But with the goal of becoming the best sea wolf.

Yang Stace - trader - a crook. Served as a mercenary in Europe. Caribbean hoping to profit on the trade.

Diego Espinosa - to obtain recognition of the richest embarks on a journey and adventure to the Caribbean.

When compared to the first version, here comes a new character, the doctor - Peter Blood. He appears with the aim to cure the patient on the estate in England. And then he gets involved in all the main plot of the game.

And the main plot of the game is that you have to go all the way in your Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships quests and tasks. Accordingly receive encouragement for them, in the best case, the new improved ships.

Throughout the game you can choose her country side you'll take while passing the job on its territory: England, France, Spain and Holland. All these nations have their own characteristics which you will meet during the game.

Has also been updated in the game Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships weapons. Removed because of poor performance animation species such as brass knuckles and claws. But there were detailed and improved motion in battles with some weapons.

Of course, the game Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships money plays an important role. Since it is for the gold rush all the pirates of the world. No treasure in games of this genre is not where not to go.

Game City of Abandoned Ships, as has been said, is the best improved version of the first version. This concerns first of all the graphics image. After all, here was a pleasant picture, thanks to graphics and animation, which is at a decent level. No sound file amendments, because it was already at a satisfactory level.

So it is worth to try their hand in pirate prowess on the example of Russian craftsmanship. Do not forget to advise their comrades.

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