Crystal Eternity

Alternative names: Kristall Vechnosti

Crystal eternity online - is a free MMORPG online browser game, where events unfold in a world in which there was a great artifact - Crystal Eternity bestowed by the ancient gods. But with centuries of civilization, living in this world, went into decline due to the lust for power, greed and envy, and then the gods split into several fragments Crystal and scattered around the world ...
... You have to know where the these fragments, and how to gather them together. But before you pass Crystal eternity online registration, you will be on the main page of the game will be invited to try the demo battle, in order to understand that, will you are interested or not.

So, after a trial demo battlefield, if you've decided that you are worthy of what to test their capabilities in the online game Crystal eternity, enter the registration e-mail field and password. On this Date Crystal eternity will be over.
Next, you will be asked to choose one of two states: the Northern Alliance or the Empire of Southern Islands, which were once united and amicable people call themselves - Empire of Light.

After selecting your state, you choose your character class: it can be a novice or Recruit.
Crystal eternity online game, your character offers a number of professions: Herbalist, Alchemist, Prospector, Jeweller, Inking, Fisherman, Doctor and The Executioner. But keep in mind that the Doctor and Executioner mutually exclusive (ie, if you chose the profession of the doctor, that he was the Executioner can not be and vice versa). Thanks professions, your character can raise their level of skill.

Play the game online Crystal eternity, in the battles with the enemy, your character will receive Glory, which is reaching the required amount will be automatically exchanged for Ranks. These Ranks give your character the ability to buy a special army stores unique items (equipment).

In game Crystal eternity online, your character has the opportunity to improve the performance of their belongings. This feature is called - Sharpening. I propose to further explore the possibilities of this feature: so, "sharpen" you can dress up any piece of equipment, an exception - combat zones and combat backpacks. Sharpening increases by a certain amount of one item stats: Stamina, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Will, Wisdom, or morale. Value by which to improve the performance depends on the object that was used for sharpening. What specific characteristics sharpen, randomly chosen from the available features on things.

Types of items that can be used to make a "sharpening": The blade ointment impregnation Energy, Energy crystal filigree reinforcing, reinforcing rune symbol and Universal Energy amplifier.

Play the game online Crystal eternity, you can pump your character through participation in trivial quests and taking part in the hunt for monsters / animals. As a bonus, your hero will get experience, reputation points, as well as money and useful items.

In this game, your character has the opportunity to play a wedding with his chosen. After the wedding ceremony, Wedding Venue Administrator, your hero and his fiancee will be able to use the bonus wedding rings.

Play Crystal eternity can be united in clans and participate in massive battles with monsters in special instances, as well as in global PvP-battles.
If you do all this fun and you're ready for a fabulous adventure, requested to register at the game Crystal eternity.
In Crystal eternity play will be interesting to everyone!


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