Left 4 Dead

Alternative names: Left 4 Dead

Game Left 4 Dead is a multiplayer computer game. This game is designed in the style of shooter and events taking place in it in the first person.

The basis for action game is a battle of survivors against hordes of infected people.

Download Left 4 Dead can only grown players. For underage users access to the game is closed.

Video Left 4 Dead can be found on the official website of the game or on youtube. In the video reveals the essence of the game, the characters are presented and other information about the game.


The game Left 4 Dead pc you can play in multiplayer mode and single player and co-op.

  1. Co-op mode. In this mode, the command represented the passing game, this mode is also the chief. The purpose of the cooperative mode - to pass one of the campaign team of a few (4) players. Your team can fight from one to four people. Players that are missing in the game, zamenivayutsya bots that are controlled by computer. However, during the game you can attach a human opponent. If you need to briefly stop the game, it is not necessary to leave the game or to ask other players to wait. You can transfer the management of his hero bot, without fear that his place will be someone else. In addition, control is passed bot automatically if you are within 25 seconds standing still.
  2. Single mode. This is the mode in which other survivors players controlled by the computer. Bots (computer players) follow you, shoot over the infected people, save, help and heal other players Survivors, but can not open the door shelters, activate "panic event" and the cause of the Horde, and apply a throwing weapon because of strategic stocks. Also they can not use tactical skills. In fact, this mode is a complete prototype of a cooperative mode with one difference - it you can play only one, no one else will be able to join you. After the death of your character the game ends. Best to start with the introduction of Left 4 Dead from that regime.

In the game Left 4 Dead play the main character you will. The characters themselves are divided on the Survivors and Infected. By Survivors include:

1. William Overbeck is an old veteran of the Vietnam War. He is an experienced soldier. At one time he served in the U.S. Army special.

2. Francis is a strong-willed and biker, which is fully covered in tattoos. He hates almost everything.

3. Zoe is the most attractive girl in the game. She is the daughter of a wealthy man. It can be accessed at the highest level with a firearm.

4. Luis is a junior systems analyst department. This character is going to retire after the virus emerged.

Infected - are people who have succumbed to the virus.

In-Game Left 4 Dead weapons divided into several types:

  1. Methyl weapon.
  2. Firearms.

Each character chooses the kind of weapon that he loves most.


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