Alternative names: Labirint

Labyrinth - online game, whose territory has been invaded by an alien aggressor. Still managed to contain the invasions, but over time the enemies are gaining strength and power, and they will soon be ready to strike a new crushing blow. This world needs your help! Welcome to the Maze online!

If you want to start playing the game online maze, you must perform a mandatory condition: Registration Maze. Registration takes place in the game Labyrinth not quite standard way. Once you go to the official site, click on the Play line. You will be prompted to create a character: choose his gender and name. Agreeing with the standard rules, you will get to the window, where it will be required to undergo a training battle as proof that you can survive in this world. After that, you get admission into the test zone.

Online game Labyrinth - this is the first hardtuned online game where your task is to find the leader of the enemy and destroy him. On your way will stand two obstacles: exactly the same as you seekers of fame and a huge enemy army of mutants. In pursuit of the grand prize other players will stop you to fulfill the mission, because all vying for the title of best player. Try to be faster and smarter than your opponents!

Play Labyrinth insanely fun! Once in this world, you either leave the winner or loser, but whatever the outcome, the time spent in the game, will give you pleasure.

The Maze play a snap. Management here is simple and convenient, which greatly simplifies the process of the game and allows you to focus on your main task.

Maze online game is free. Character development is to learn the skills. This is not mandatory, but the application of these skills in battle increases your chances of winning.

Move in the game will be using the drive. It also stores items that you found in the battle. Moving the character can perform only on disk, so that without it in any way. Such a method of movement protects you from mutagen, which is in the soil contaminated land, because touching the ground, anyone begins to mutate.

In a peaceful area in the city, you can relax from the grueling battles and refill cartridges. Sell ​​trophies and equipment can be purchased at the mall. Make the necessary preparations, or improve existing items can be in the Workshop. It so happened that all the tasks traditionally you will receive at the Steakhouse. There also will celebrate the awards received. And with the help of the Portal, you can move to any other area.

It may happen that you have not calculated the margin of their patrons in the battle, and s land they selected. In this case there is no problem - at the beginning of each level there is a container, which is going to automatically replenish ammo. The only downside is that the cartridges will be of poor quality. However, at the critical moment it's better than nothing.

If you perform one of three tasks that are automatically allocated at the exit of the portal, walking combat level. Do not worry: as long as you are familiar with the task, the timer will not start location. In battle, your character can set the record passing a level, and in addition get a high quality equipment and resources needed to better things. Doing the job, the character will receive the money earned at the trophies and experience.

All fights in the game taking place in real time. In order to achieve certain goals, you can join forces with other players, negotiating mutual. Objects found weapons, artifacts, ammunition and ingredients can be sold at auction or share them with other players.

To deliberately play the game online Maze necessary tactic. Develop your tactics, you can easily perform tasks and missions and fight monsters.

The nice thing about the game is the factor that any given framework of movement does not exist - you can move freely on the level. In addition, the grand prize player - jackpot - constantly increasing. Hurry pass Labyrinth register and join us!


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