Lady Popular

Alternative names: Lady Popular

Lady Popular online - free browser game for girls that immerses the fair sex in bright fashion world. You will not only create a woman who, in your opinion, meets the standards of beauty, but also can emphasize its individuality, its unique style using disguises, options which the game Lady Popular gives myriad. Thousands of combinations of both light and warm beautiful clothes, allows you to choose exactly what you most to taste. Rate your ability to dress up and be a true woman will be able to other players in the regular competitions, which takes part in every self-respecting lady. In this virtual world, you can be the one who want to be, and in everyday life. Tremendous amount of detail of the game world allows surround modern lady with all the necessary things, giving a feeling of comfort. Closet, corresponding with the latest styles, all kinds of accessories, original housing with original interior, cosmetics from manufacturers and even the opportunity to have a pet - all this and much more is available to you, if you decide to play only in Lady [ _1_] Popular .

Live project available to everyone. After the system requirements for the game are different modesty. You do not have to compare your computer by a long list of relevant parameters, then download and correct something. Standard browser, high speed internet - and you in the game! Lady Popular registration takes very little time. You are required to enter a screen name, email address and report to come up with a password. Remember that registration in the game Lady Popular implies acceptance of the rules. You can read them on the official website.

With what starts newcomers woman? Before you become a truly glamorous particular, will have to go the hard way of trial and error. After all, to be on top, famous for its excellent taste and be able to properly monitor their appearance - is an art. However, it is feasible to each girl for the sole reason that the desire for beauty in the inherent nature of the fairer sex cute. Do you have all chances to become the most popular lady in the future! However, all this eventually. Also have to start small, namely the creation of the exterior. Adjust the color of the skin and eyes, hair and figure. You have the right to appear in the image, which, in your opinion, will constantly amaze others with their eccentricity.

So, you become an inmate of an extraordinary world, what's next? Perhaps you hunt to go shopping, to visit fitness clubs, dancing in the disco, look at a beauty salon? Of course! But my bad luck, all that is required and no finance them just so you will not. And if your woman needs stability and its ability to posh lifestyle, you should get a job. What, contact the employment agency and get all the necessary information about available courses, which is impossible without going to learn the profession. Here to tell you about the prospects of a job. So you can make the right choices and do the kind of activities that will bring other than profit and pleasure. Incidentally, when and how to go to work, will solve themselves. You can work from 30 minutes to 8 hours a day. Take care to not overdo your beauty, but not to sit back, if you can spend time with benefits. Wherever you settled - by the hour. And the money you after business hours will be able to spend as you please. Besides working profit can be another way to winning one of the many mini-games. Why not try your luck. And at the same time increase the rate of intelligence?


Started playing the game Lady Popular , you can explore all the locations of the virtual city. We are offering shopping malls and furniture shops where you can buy everything you need, the park for walking and sports, a fitness center for borrowing a slim figure, a library, where the silence of the reading room you will not only have peace but also new knowledge, even to enhance their own skills. In addition you will have the opportunity to visit a pet store and buy a pet, which eventually teach all sorts of tricks, visit the clinic in case of need (eg, cosmetic surgery, or ask questions of the therapist), a dance from the soul discos, immediately acquainted with new people , make mates or just to flirt. And the game is adored by all women such beauty. If resources permit, boldly go to the hairdressers, makeup artists, or tanning booths. Experiment to health and let your elegance and grooming gives confidence in their own abilities! By the way, even a tattoo can be done if you have a desire to appear. Provided for this purpose tattoo studio. All this is tempting, is not it? Do not put off and start Lady Popular play now! Have fun with all the heart to Do with an exciting game!


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