Lava Online

Alternative names: Lava Live

How do you feel about fiction? But to travel in time? If positive, do not pass by Lava Online. Just before you begin filling the page margins Lava Register online, make sure your computer is equipped with the following:

• Processor speed of at least 1. 5 Ghz;

• Memory - 256 MB

• Video 3D 64 Mb;

• Operating system WIn2000/XP/Vista.

Join in the game please Lava military design with "threshold". In fact, you will be asked to take the ritual to get into the not so distant future post-apocalyptic world. Passage Lava Online registration phase consists of the following:

1) Introduction login (the name under which you will go and "speak" in the game).

2) Password (6 to 16 characters).

3) Specify a valid email address and your gender.

4) Enter the code from the image.

5) Familiarization and compliance with the FAQ and Terms of Use.

After you, of course, you can download the game client, whose installation will reduce the load on your Internet channel ... but if the connection is powerful, just press the button "Play" and boldly plunges into the exciting virtual reality.

You start to play the game Lava Online moving to a settlement located in the north of Africa. By the way, in-geographical design fully corresponds to the real landscape of the African continent. His first experience will earn through slaughter enemy troops or even rats. Do not hesitate and grab all that will fall from defeated enemies, because in this way you can gather a lot of value for their subsequent resale.

If so happened that just started playing the game online Lava, you are already aiming to fulfill some quests, then you will need to find a character, over which head will hang exclamation point. That he is engaged in the distribution of jobs, bringing a lot of experience, which subsequently need players to get out of this location. Just do not rush too much with this action, as the back has not come back. Better to pump in the original location until at least the fifth level.

The stronger you will overcome the enemy, the more experience now. Lava online game characterized by battles in real mode, so distracted from the fight is not recommended about anything. By the way, you can only fight outside the city boundaries. The choice of weapons is very diverse: online game Lava offer you pistols, submachine guns, knives ... and even the possibility of unarmed combat. Believe me, the local fight to please you, even if you - a connoisseur and lover of these shooters. And if not, importantly, do not forget to pay attention on the health of his hero. Zero means death.

Lava online game can boast the presence of two currencies:

• African - is used daily in various household purposes.

• Gold - can only be purchased for real money. Used to buy in-game unique veshchichek. But it does not, so take it easy: to play Lava, spend their "blood" you do not have, if that not possible.

A few words about the story. In June 2012 there was a strong eruption of Yellowstone volcano and subsequent release of highly toxic ash forced to die from suffocation tens of thousands of Americans. Then came the cold snap (which led to general decline of agriculture), and the threat of extinction from hunger overtook the inhabitants of the Earth. Therefore Lava Online play you'll have it in Africa, which has conditions that bestow an opportunity not extinguished the human race, and you - one of the elect who have fallen here. Only here - in the unforgiving world of post - apocalypse - for survival have to fight no less violently.


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