League of Angels

Alternative names: League of Angels
MMORPG genre will never die, every day we have to make this more and more. Each new project is so keen on players that they are willing to give up eating and sleeping, just to overcome as many quests and missions. Known game League of Angels is a living proof of that. This browser-based project, so that gamers will not need to download any additional files and distributions. Developers managed to surprise the players - their offspring Success combines the most popular elements of turn-based strategy and RPG. So be prepared to develop new unique plans and strategies. In League of Angels online you will have the unique opportunity to meet with the real Dark Lord. You and your character will be able to take part in the fierce battles, realistic knightly tournaments. The game has prepared for you a lot of interesting locations: you will visit the wonderful temples, the amazing beauty of the heavenly islands, creepy dungeons. On the way you will meet a lot of friends and enemies, so be careful, make new friends. Taking part in the project, you can enter your name forever in the gripping story of angels and demons, and perhaps that you manage to radically change it? The longer you are in the League of Angels play, the more open the details of the plot. Prospoylerim little telling that the game tells a beautiful story of the angels. Cruel injustice because their magical powers they have lost because of what came into the world of ordinary mortals. Your main task - to find as many as possible of these magical creatures and help them adapt to a normal life. Yes, League of Angels online you will need to feed the Angels, to help them obtain and develop skills. In subordinate every gamer will be several angels opponents can win dominance over the magical creatures, accordingly, you will need to fight for the preservation of their power over the Angels. To gameplay started, you certainly need to check League of Angels. With this simple - the project is not going to fool your head nothing supernatural. A special registration form you will need to specify the name of your character, email and unique password. Anyone will be able to be authenticated in the project, using data from social networks Facebook, Google+, PayPal, Yahoo. Despite the fact that the game's interface is not translated into Russian, to deal with the operation of an experienced gamer can easily. Immediately confess that play League of Angels is much more interesting friends. Together you will make a choice between game modes. You can either fight the dark forces, or undertake the tasks and quests on the good side. Your squad will consist of five characters, which may include different types of angels and wizards, archers and knights.

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