Legend of Martial Arts

Alternative names: Legend of Martial Arts

Game Legend Of Martial Arts - Free client MMORPG, localization of the original game from Perfect World Entertainment. LOMA game, which is primarily designed to be a kind and comedic. Here you will not find the usual brutality of online games: only a fairy tale and fun with graphics in the style of anime. Not so often seen such a format - and the truth is, not everyone can hack the virtual world. So risky the project can already be called.

Go to system requirements game Legend of Martial Arts in which you can play on any modern computer is not exacting. For minimal configuration will be enough processor with a clock frequency of 1. 5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, VGA-level nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4200 or Radeon 8500, a storage capacity of 64 MB and 2 GB of free hard disk space. The game only supports operating systems Windows - perhaps only this can become a problem.

Registration in LOMA online is very simple. All you need to do - go to the official site and enter their login (to enter the game and the site), nickname, password and your email address. In Legend of Martial Arts registration serves to activate the account, so enter your current address. It remains only to install the client Legend of Martial Arts download it convenient for you can be on the same game's official website.

At the start of LOMA online, you create your character. In this case, we decided not to load too much: you need to select one of the races, gender, face and hair of the character.

Race are only two people and the river, there are no differences between them, except for external signs can not be found here. When he reached the tenth level, you can become either a warrior or mage. Then, at the thirtieth level already for each of these classes will choose a subclass. And sixtieth level specialization. Thus, the game begins the same for everyone, but eventually opens 8 playable classes - so it will not be bored.

Interface Legend of Martial Arts Online is simple and intuitive, confused management is almost impossible. I think many people consider it an advantage, because often on the development of sockets in the games goes a lot of time. Already at the initial levels of fun game meets us: give players a sort of pets, which, oddly enough, can be reduced to each other in order to breed with the best characteristics. Walk their small animals, in the gaming world, believe is where. As for the quests, all the usual: take the job, execute and run away. To save time, even put the autopilot, which greatly simplifies the game really, but in some cases is not functioning properly. As the basic abilities of the character, you can choose a variety of martial arts. Total LOMA online game fraught with about 20 combat disciplines that you have to learn.

It should be noted that the game thought out system of education among other players. That means you can take a friend to the students, to help him in exchange for experience. Thus it is possible to play in a team and develop faster. The game has many other social component: you can create a brotherhood, clan, and of course, you can get married and start a family. All this makes the game more diverse in communication and, most importantly, fun. In general, even the impression that the game is focused on all sorts of social entertainment rather than the endless pumping and fight monsters. LOMA online game designed for a broad audience, so it is unlikely someone is not hooked. The game has many comic that can not draw to itself. But comedy, as is often the case, words can not describe.


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