Legends of Kung Fu

Alternative names: Legends of Kung Fu

Legends of Kung Fu online game - free client fantastic game, designed in the spirit of Chinese fine romance. It's a world where your status is determined by the ability to master the ancient martial arts. Respect for the inhabitants of the world depends on the ability to demonstrate their skills. Since everyone wants to improve his fighting skills, the game Legends of Kung Fu offers training in different schools that teach the basics of martial arts. Besides, you are not required to enter and remain until the end of only one of the eight schools. There is an opportunity to use all schools simultaneously. The main thing that you have managed to master the interaction techniques and learned how to use them in situations that require. How quickly you learn strikes, blocks and feints depends on your degree of talent and ingenuity. Everyone who comes here with a thirst for fame crowded heart has a chance to succeed! Next, you expect great things!

To download without problems Legends of Kung Fu, check beforehand according to the computer in the minimum system requirements: OS Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7; Pentium4 processor 2. 4Ghz or equivalent; GeForce6600 128MB video card or equivalent, RAM 1 GB; free space on your hard diske10 GB; Internet connection of at least 1 Mb / s. Before you download the client, you need Legends of Kung Fu registration. Create account is not difficult. You must fill in a few fields: username, password, re-enter the password. Also check in the game requires you to acknowledge your assent to the project. A squared responsible for subscribing to the newsletter, tick is the default. Since it is assumed that no one would mind being always and everywhere knowledgeable.

Play the game Legends of Kung Fu you start with training in one of the schools. But then you can add knowledge and in other schools, taking into account that and vending areas are also selected. There are such schools as the Life Guards, Beggars, Wudang, Scientists, Tan, Blissful, Emei, Shaolin. In turn, each of them includes three styles. In total, you can train more than 10,000 devices. If only you were able to digest it all!

Besides the fact that the character will improve their fighting skills to choose and profession. In this issue still democratic. Divided profession such four types:

- Mining profession (a farmer, fisherman, miner, etc. )

- Crafts (blacksmith, tailor, cook, etc. )

- "Cultural" (musician, calligrapher, etc. )

- "City" (fortune teller, the beggar).

If you previously selected a profession for some reason was not the like, it can be changed without problems.

It is worth mentioning that in the Legends of Kung Fu online characters are endowed with the ability to use the energy of Qi, to attack the enemy at a distance (contactless battle), the use of arms, as well as the ability to protect themselves without your presence (artificial intelligence). On the available weapons, we can say that the range is really impressive arsenal. Why are there only! And the staves and swords, and nauchaki and swords and chains and much more. In addition, it is possible to upgrade existing weapons. From all this it follows that the possibility of the characters are almost limitless! Make an effort for leveling and soon will reap the fruits of your labor!

Play Legends of Kung Fu you will be enjoying excellent developed different systems. After all, PvP, and economic and social system in detail thought out and balanced. Plus a huge variety of quests to help understand the mechanics of the game, while earning valuable things. Battles in the game are one-on-one between small groups and mass. All this you have to go! But not for nothing that you are honing their skills in special schools! Social life gives users the joy of communicating with each other, the possibility of exchanging gifts and funny wedding even if you are lucky to meet with his half. Economics involves transactions and trade relations. Game currency is crushed silver or solid silver. But you can buy for real gold. Its use gives some advantages.

Start Legends of Kung Fu play now! Why put such an exciting experience for later? Flexibility storylines and diversifying will satisfy even the most demanding. Take a maximum of life! Enjoy the game!



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