Roman legionaries

Alternative names: Legioners

Browser online role-playing game Legionnaires Ancient Rome offers you to plunge into the reality of ancient Rome, to experience the fate of all litigation Roman legionary, visit gladiatorial skin and take part in the battles in the arena. Despite the fact that online game Roman Legionaries online positioned as casual fun, there is everything necessary for full development of the character - all sorts of opportunities for leveling, their gaming laws, entertaining atmosphere and game mechanics.

How to write to us about the game's developers, its performance has been successfully tested in all browsers, so that Roman Legionnaires, you can play at any time convenient for the browser. As for the system requirements, then we can only say that the standard configuration of the office computer - is a viable option, and if your PC has a good processor and enhanced Pentium type VI, you will not just play the Legionaries of Ancient Rome, and "fly" and for this reality.

Join in the game Legionaries of ancient Rome, as it should be for the casual audience, simple and immediately available on the official website. To register you will need to visit the site and click "Sign Up Roman Legionnaires' come up with a login, choose the gender of your character, specify the address of a mailbox and a strong password. After you confirm that the Legionaries of Ancient Rome Online registration - it really is your initiative and the link to activate your account, you can safely go for "bread and circuses for."

First, the "bread" tobish that, due to what your character will exist. Beginners start to play the game online Legionaries of Ancient Rome as unremarkable commoner who has a soul almost nothing but great aspirations to become a legionnaire Empire. For a start, of course, important experience. Where can I get it? Go to training camp, there
prove yourself in the arena for beginners, what will you and the experience and rewards. Furthermore, if the training will be successful, you will automatically find yourself on the fourth level of the game.

Another "bread" Legionnaire but his military career, earning it gold. First you will get money for the work in the stables - well, who said that weapons and armor come easy? In the future you will be able to earn more worthy ways, such as crafting or quests. And if at first you will play the game online Roman Legionaries practically unarmed and without ammunition, then as pumping can buy everything you need in the store or the House Rare Books - weapons and armor, and what should wear imperial warrior. By the way, there is a huge variety of them, but you can afford to only what is available for your level. To this same level of increase, start quests. In the tavern you will find a NPC - a character from which get a first job. Here find the trainer, which can be useful to purchase a pet.

You will be asked to choose from four animals: bear, dog, Bengal tiger and a lioness. In the future it will be possible to enter the clan or individual animals of other species, they will be much stronger than these four. Well, so far, and a pet - good protection from the outside world, which is full of predators, both animal and human species.

Legioners online game also features an automatic battle. Tobish, according to your parameters chosen enemy, and the battle takes place without your direct involvement. And by the end, you will be informed about the amount of experience and bonuses are earned (in case of victory, of course).

In addition, the Legionaries of Ancient Rome online game in which you can devote himself to the profession, four of them here - Blacksmith worker, herbalist and chef. Also available the development of special skills and so much more that can be characterized by a very correct word "spectacle."


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