Let's Farm

Alternative names: Let's Farm ,, to the farm, the farm
Farms online penetrated into the hearts of all gamers out there and let the roots. These simple and primitive at first glance, but such a fun and interesting projects to conquer immediately. Another kind of "fermoigr" - a game Let's Farm. This is a bright and pleasant in all respects the project, which is simply a pleasure to play. Play online in the "On the farm" Everyone can gamers from every corner of the globe. This means that during the gameplay you will meet a lot of interesting people, like-minded people. What is the essence Let's Farm online, you even do not have to explain. You certainly have played in at least one of the farms in contact or any other social network. The principle is the same: a gamer must constantly evolve, expanding territory, discovering new cultures, erecting various buildings, interacting with friends. This game will not get bored, because there are always new job, doing that, you can earn extra experience points and useful resources. As is the case with any other online project, Let's Farm registration process is required. Fortunately, in this game, it is simplified to the maximum. Among other things, the game interface is translated into several languages, including Russian (translated by selecting the appropriate check box in the right corner of the main page), but because of all the tips will be apparent. Registration form opens right on the main page of the game. Alternately in the lines need to specify your login name, password to enter the Let's Farm online and e-mail address. Once registration is complete you need to wait for a letter by e-mail with a link To confirm your account. If desired, the registration can be made even more simple and for authorization to use the data in your account to Facebook. You can do this by clicking on the button and giving permission to use a system of personal data. Despite the fact that most gamers can intuitively guess that means one or the other button on the control panel, the system offers to take a course for beginners. This will help to quickly get used to the game and understand its basic features. When you start playing Let's Farm, will know that the project has a few basic types of resources: Gold coins, which will pay for the building, culture, improvement. Diamonds, allows you to buy the most expensive and classy items in the game. Star experience - a resource derived from the buildings and for the implementation of any action on the farm (and his, and friends). Asterisks allow to raise the level and provide access to new horizons. In addition, in Let's Farm play for free, every day the project offers to perform a simple task that can bring resources or additional bonus money. To date, the project has already been registered an impressive amount of gamers, but every day the army of fans "on farm" updated with new faces. All the players can communicate with each other. Added to friend one another, players can visit the neighboring farm, share resources - in short, to learn from and share knowledge. Of course, it should be noted that in the Let's Farm need to play much more serious than the usual application Vkontakte or Facebook. In addition to harvesting, care of livestock, expansion and development of the areas of buildings, the player will need to monitor the status of the warehouse, with a mind to dispose of stocks, regularly fill an important documentation.

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