Lineage 2

Alternative names: L 2

Prequel million favorite RPG «Lineage» - online game Lineage 2 pretty fast also won the favor of gaming. Of course! More characters, more weapons and armor, monsters and bosses, enhanced graphics and updated gameplay - in Lineage 2 online you do not have to catch myself thinking that "all this has happened."

To give yourself to absorb this new and unexplored this alluring world, you need to get your account. We draw your attention that ofsayte Lineage 2 Online registration is not carried out. This is done on the server side, you need to ask for help in the "registration Lineage 2" and you will be presented with a list of servers (official and not really) that offer the service "registration in the game Lineage 2."

So, if you have successfully registered and can play the game Lineage 2 online, it's time to create your character. Races in the game is still five, but the classes became more - now there are eight. But go in order. Play Lineage 2 you can in Orc ones as the Humans (people), Dwarves, Elves darker or lighter. Race of people, of course, most numerical and it offered the following classes - Battle Mages, Necromancers, Summoners, Physicians and Helpers. Least numerically, but the most useful race - Gnomes. They are ignorant sorts resources, weapons or rare artifacts, of course, for the money and will share with you. There are two classes - Gunsmiths and Searchers resources. The strongest race - Orcs, who fought for mostly "seasoned" players Lineage, has four classes: Destroyers, Powerful Lord and calling for a fight. Light Elven race - race beautiful creatures. This stately, fast and interesting characters, they are quite strong enough to go to the enemy, but their peaceful nature generally opposes violence. In light elves race game Lineage 2 Online offers us a choice of seven classes - Singing Sword, Knight of the Altar Plain Runner Silver Hunter Singing spell Sergeant Oracles and Summoner. And finally banished race Dark Elves worship the mighty and merciless goddess Shilen is there are six classes - Shillien Knight, Sword Dancer, Dark Runner, tossing Spells, and Petty Officer Dark Summoner Shillien Oracle.

Defined in this variety of characters, their characteristics and skills before playing the online game Lineage 2, do not forget to come up with the name of his hero, he deserves, and to create a portrait, matching his race. And, of course, the floor - there are no restrictions for women, opportunities for all characters are equal, regardless of gender. Looking ahead, unveil the little secret about your character's appearance - in the future you will be able to purchase a special potion that can change the appearance of the hero (but only appearance).

Undoubtedly, Lineage 2 online game for which no pity to part with their reality. This world is truly captures - gameplay, images, amazing abilities, weapons, equipment, inventory. Incidentally, with regard to the last three paragraphs - the newcomer will only have a standard for its class weapons and items needed for the quest (and itself - the armor on it). In the future, as the pumping of the hero, you'll be able to get him more serious ammunition. Cost is likely to draw your attention to the fact that all the weapons, armor and other items, like a magical fashion jewelry have so-called Grady tobish limit levels at which they can be used.

In addition to all the above, I would like to make a few more accents, without which play Lineage 2 would not be so interesting. For example, available for understanding the system of karma, or development stage clans (up to 5 levels), or ... oh, it's hard to be objective to the game, which you do not exactly breathe! So I finish with opus and suggest you to learn about everything.


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