Alternative names: Linkrealms

Linkrealms online - fantastic game, there is little popular. Game developers, a small company - Mythyn Interactive, decided to show the world the game MMORPG, in a pretty particular her decision.

Game Linkrealms, like any game requires a good workflow for specific system requirements. Especially when you want to download the game, pay attention to the existence of your computer's system settings such

· CPU frequency - 2 GHz;

· Video card - 128 MB

· RAM 1 GB

· Connection to the Internet;

· Keyboard;

· Mouse.

If you are sure that all is well, you can begin to design your player in the game process. We can say that Linkrealms reception here is not much different from other games, so do not give you a lot of problems, and will spend a lot of your strength. Main check the correctness of your personal data indicated

1. Visit the game's official website Linkrealms;

2. Go to the section - play now;

3. Read giving you information about the rules of the game and the rest of the game information;

4. If you agree with the proposed previously, click on - I'm willing to (a)

5. Register your name;

6. Write your name;

7. Provide your email address;

8. Login write consisting of - from four to sixteen characters

9. Create a password consisting of - from four to sixteen characters

10. Repeat password;

11. As the game in beta - testing, you need to get an invitation from the player;

12. Put a tick if agree that you are growns;

13. Click on - play.

Play the game online Linkrealms pretty entertaining, but not easy. Since the game has no classes and rounds. Also, it is complicated to use. What would make the certain real player, you will need to undergo a process of overcoming a large amount of any procedures that take a long time.

Nevertheless, the game has four playable races:

  • Human;
  • Demon;
  • Canid;
  • Kitty.

Human - represented as a person, that is your character.

Demon - has kind of monster. Your opponent.

Canid - seems like a dog, one of your pets.

Kitty - looks like the cat that can also be your pet.

When you are just starting to play Linkrealms is also not easy. Here there is no learning phase, you'll learn on the go.

But you are given the opportunity to make your character looks. You build your world, home and can tame animals, but it also takes the hassle because they have the intelligence and the need to train them. Later on in your world can settle other users.

In Linkrealms free to play you are given the opportunity, but here's some details'll buy for real money.

Game, of course, with the outdated graphics, but nevertheless ideal toy for fans of the famous sandbox Ultima Online .

Now we can play, but we advise you to be patient. Successful gameplay!


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