Living After War

Alternative names: Living After War, Life after war

Living After War game - action Strategy with elements [ _1_] MMO and RTS. Events unfold in a dark future where humanity after a nuclear war were forced to split into different factions. You have to fight for his native land as a part of those who are not indifferent to it. How things have actually happened? Someone mutated and still remained on his planet. Others flew into space and found shelter there. Returning after 200 years, people have gone from a spaceship "Tomorrow" and marveled at the metamorphosis that occurred during their absence. Representative of a new race Nak - is genetically modified people. And maybe people with the same appearance and be able to find a common language with them, but there is a third intervened nation - Shamak. These unscrupulous creation roam everywhere and seek to enslave the other inhabitants of unfortunate planet. There is opposition, in the course are all available means. Occurs against a backdrop of the ruins. Yes, the earth will never be similar to her former self, and yet her fate is in your hands!

Join in the game L . A . W . takes players into the future and how you affect it will depend on the efforts that apply. Make sure that the system requirements will not fail. Your PC must meet the following parameters:

  • OS Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor Core 2 Duo , 2. 5 Ghz
  • Video Core 2 Duo , 2. 5 Ghz
  • HDD 4 GB
  • 1 GB RAM

L . A . W . Registration is inherently authorization, during which you would enter:

    1. Login
    2. Password

Next, follow the wizard to install the game, you must download and install the client.

Game L . A . W . Online - a desire to survive in the world after the cataclysm. But your task is not just to protect themselves, but also to achieve success. Offers endless battles for resources, epic raids, and exciting at the same time dangerous missions, as well as group tasks of different complexity. Take the command of the troops, build technique help his faction to win power in the new world. Learn to combine their martial skills, so that they represent a real deadly mixture. Choose which way you want to go. L . A . W . you can play as a warrior, a ghost or psionics. Develop your character to the battlefield he was invincible!

Let's look at classes, representatives of which are found in each fraction. So warrior - the defender of his associates, ready to stand up to the last drop of blood. Heavy armor cherish it in critical moments, and mastery of automatic rifle and two-handed sword make enemies tremble. Ghosts ruthless, secretive, with unique talents. In combat, they fear open conflict, but thanks to its main weapon - tricks and cunning maneuvers - the enemy can inflict great harm. Psionics - a rarity, but a great value for the composition of any army. This obdarovannye choices, able to influence the power of thought. Their arsenal is filled with curses effective, besides the battlefield they can destroy enemies fierce flames, frost or electric shocks caused by willpower.

Play L . A . W . You're not just fighting with artificial intelligence or destroying headless targets. Here you can compete against other players. Show off your tactics, because the plot L . A . W . o nline has to do so.

Sit down quickly in your tank or helicopter and start to play the game L . A . W . Manage both terrestrial and airborne troops. For whatever you come from, there is always an opportunity to show their talent to the full!

L . A . W . the game offers to join the guild and fight hand in hand with like-minded people. Believe that feeling behind her support, you can prove who really is the master of the Earth. Get ready for a difficult test, please be patient and move ahead to a brighter future! Let luck bypasses your side!


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