League of Angels 2

Alternative names:

Game League of Angels 2: three-dimensional beauty.

Esli you are an admirer of the first part of the fantasy stories, the game League of Angels 2 will delight you with new improvements:

  • Trehmernaya graphics, incredible dynamics and impressive special effects.
  • Over 50 characters, where among the new characters you are sure to meet old friends.
  • To develop a strategy and implement tactics became even more interesting with new features.
  • Even more dungeons populated by dragons, demonic creatures, giants and other monsters.
  • angels participation in battles, their pumping and the ability to organize their own leagues.

Kak see browser MMO product with step by step actions ready for new challenges waiting for experienced players who rush to play the game League of Angels 2, trying to protect what is left of the old world grandeur.

Vas waiting for a collision with the evil, but the experience, magic, weapons and rage to help defeat all the enemies and fight with the main boss. He became even worse, more and more, and it can only win together.

Back to the war.

Even among the angels of peace does not last forever. Again returned the old disagreements, rebelled longstanding evil awakened demons of the underworld. Lovely Angels: Athena, Moira and Fortuna founded their own independent kingdom - union initiated, the Citadel and the Kingdom of immortal gods.

No one knows when there will be peace, but still hope to live up to that point. In the meantime, it is necessary to pick up the pieces of the ancient artifact, but for this we need a new league of angels.

The first important step is to check League of Angels 2. Next to be a nice selection of his angel with unique features. You will be able to gradually develop them and improve, bringing new features, honing existing ones. To do this, follow the instructions, which beneficially affect the experience. Gradually, you will become so strong that they can deal with really dangerous opponents.

Hotya all angelic population of this world belong to different factions, it does not prevent them to join in the league for the best results. Together, you can explore remote cave inhabited by terrible creatures, destroy them, and receive a well-deserved award. After the fifteenth level will be available to more prestigious dungeon with particularly valuable artifacts and treasures.

Battle and equipment.

Vy'll play League of Angels 2, having the opportunity to visit the PVP Arena to shlestnutsya an opponent in a duel. If you crave excitement and spectacle, start a massive showdown between the groups, and to reach the 20th level, you are entitled to create their own guilds, and organize mass atrocities in the dungeons.

Dlya successful passage of the missions require good equipment, which is divided into 4 th kind:

  • Epichnoe
  • Legendarnoe
  • Neobychnoe
  • Redkoe

Uluchshat it can be naturally or speed up the process by resorting to the help of game currency.

Povysit level of the hero in the League of Angels 2 iPlayer will also help jewelry, accessories and clothing, which are attached to the wings, and brand new. Before distinguish the hero in another suit, learn all its options. Please also note that orders are divided into male and female.

Popadaya in a world full of magic, you can expect any surprises, so is it any wonder what is going on? As one of the angels, it will become more accessible, and it is important to learn how to use the gift of fallen down. Your angel is strong enough and capable, but in the guild it becomes even more powerful. Do you want to leave the company, you can always do it.


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