Lord of Ages

Alternative names: Lord of Ages

What do you associate developer Aeria Games? For many players, it is a guarantee of reliability and quality of the game, which certainly will appeal to make to spend a lot of time with her. So, the game Lord of Ages is no exception. The essence of the game is not much different from all the other strategies, but the implementation and execution of it so attractive that just can not stop at attention. Quality gameplay and interesting story, easy operation and nice graphics, is not this is the secret of successful online project?

Lord of Ages online will help you to visit the ancient lands, residents are in need of wise and judicious ruler. Perhaps it is you and become the ruler of this? Since the beginning of the game you will belong to a small area on which you can build settlements, houses, castles, working construction. Your main goal is to improve their little kingdom to truly royal proportions. Frustrating buildings and increase the number of residents. Learn new fighting techniques to later turn them into an invincible military force. Because the stronger your character and your army, the more land you can capture and the larger the area will be under your control.

This is a typical online game, so as you can imagine yourself in the Lord of Ages registration will you need for a successful start of the gameplay. Though on the page of the game and no Russian words, any Russian-speaking players will be able to understand what to do, how to register and fill out the form and will deal with the basic terms and conditions.

To start registration, press the button «Play Free», which is located at the bottom of the home page of the game.

Before you on the screen will open a special standard form for registration, after which you can fill in to start playing Lord of Ages. Read carefully the names of the fields and the hint system and alternately fill in all fields. You will need to write down your username and unique password, and you must specify the address of an electronic mailbox.

If you're used to register accounts with the help of social networks and you have a page on Facebook, you will be able to use their authorization data in this game. And if you have already registered before at least one of the projects Aeria, but now you can use previously recorded data, passing the registration.

Before you start playing the game Lord of Ages you have to choose the land on which territory and will develop your kingdom. It can be:








Each of the areas is characterized by its specific climate and topography - choose what most will like.


Unite the clans and colonies with other parties to defeat the enemy. Send their armies to conquer wild territories. So the area of ​​your kingdom can increase significantly. And best of all, that the Lord of Ages free play can be anyone!


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