Lords Online

Alternative names: Lords Online

Online Game Lords online - multiplayer turn-based strategy with RPG elements created in the best traditions of fantasy games. High-quality 3D graphics and animation, vivid and unique characters, dynamic gameplay and you'll find it in the Lords online. Immediately warned that the mailbox owner when Mail. ru registration Lords online game is not needed. For the rest (if any) access to the toy have traditionally. So, we click "play", then there is a form of "registration Lords onlineĀ». Here, enter the username, password, and e-mail box address, then accept user agreement and "familiar with the rules of the game." That's it - your online Lords online registration is completed.

For some relief for someone - on the contrary, but the Lords online game online will not bewilder you with a great number of classes and races. Determine the choice of the hero (his race) is quite simple. Although the description of the pre-worth reading, of course.

In just one of the three races you play Lords online - People Shaba or Aleph.

People - the least noticeable in terms of features, but the perfect ally for any alliance. I must clarify that for leveling, you can choose a single hero - Lord, or the whole army. This applies to all three races.

Shaba Race - one of the branches of the tribe kriontsev has great potential (in the physical sense). Representatives of this race the most aggressively tuned. Their goal - to build on the bones of enemies in their own state.

Race Aleph - the second branch krionskogo tribe, peaceful, but quite dangerous in battle race. Their feature - magical abilities. They do not apply them in a bad purposes, but in a fair fight, and this is their main, by the way, is quite a powerful weapon.

Once you have decided to race his hero, you need to select the floor and give him a name. Then choose a location on the continent Ma'an, which will begin developing your character and his empire. Then, in the Lords online play you have nothing to interfere. Come on! Begin to build your castle, train soldiers skills, or look oases and attack them. Oasis - is the source of your resources. Should be protected all the time, because as hunters missing. More oasis - a big advantage over other players. You can get them by attacking other castles. But it is necessary to consider, whether to fight alone? After all, opponents all equal, so that it is risky. But here, if you join the alliance itself to some of these things can get very even.

But Lords online online game is not only a strategic nature. Here you will develop the strength of your character, as well as other parameters. This can be achieved through education and training of its soldiers. Strong and disciplined warriors - strong and respected alliance - a powerful empire. In addition to cramming his troops to make treasured glasses happen to your hero to build and expand the building to conduct various ceremonies. Money is also important as glasses. They have to earn by performing a variety of quests and participating in events. Those here abound.

Play Game Lords online online fun in terms of gameplay and pleasant in terms of graphics. Realistic landscapes and well-drawn landscapes organically supplement this exciting fantasy world. All this in the synthesis subdue any strategist and rolevika. And if you're a fan of the famous toy "Heroes 3", then the doctor himself has prescribed you to play the game online Lords online. Cheer her health!


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