Lost Paradise

Alternative names: Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise online - fantastic free multiplayer game with the incremental battles demanding application tactics. You will find yourself in the vast locations and endless PVP will defend its right to exist. The fight takes place between earthlings and aliens unexpectedly. You will have thousands of potential opponents! While the call can throw only real player. Mobs in the game world simply does not. Events unfold in three-dimensional space, which creates a sense of reality. Meet the enemy can be anywhere on land, underground, in the water, in the cities, forests or deserts. Game LP teach you to make important decisions, to feel and to coordinate the fight, to cooperate with other players and desperately throwing the hottest battle. But not everyone in the game's story is reduced only to war. You may well be able to rest between battles and even do quite peaceful affairs. In addition, starting Lost Paradise you can play to make friends or even abruptly marries. Do not miss the opportunity to spend their leisure time with pleasure!

Before you plunge into the whirlpool of unforgettable adventures, you must create an account. On the possibility to download the game client will be informed by the end of the creators of the project. Lost Paradise registration takes place as follows:

- Taken Agreement. Administration focuses on the users is that if you do not agree with the rules, it is better not to create an account;

- Fill in the registration form: player name, e-mail (with confirmation), password (with confirmation)

- Select the desired language and specify the correct time zone,

- Registration confirmation code is entered - two words that you see in the picture.

Play the game online Lost Paradise you can in the event that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements:

- Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7;

- Processor Intel Pentium G620 or AMD Athlon II X2 250,

- Video NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or ATI Radeon HD 5750;

- 2 GB of RAM and 3 GB of free hard disk space.

So, you're just getting started playing Lost Paradise and the first thing to remember - you should aim for the uniqueness of character. His hero, thanks to the vast possibilities that are available to each user, you can make unique. In your power to change everything, from the appearance and character sets home to his character and combat performance. Relentlessly pumped, of course, if you want to succeed in this fantastic world. Over time you will be available not only powerful weapons, but much more. Incidentally, with regard of the weapons you are given quite a decent range. Play Lost Paradise You will, using both common to both races weapons such as grenades, shotguns, mines, knives, Taizer and special for each of the races. Available for Earthlings "hornless", "Ash", "Asp", "Skif", "Blackbird", and for the Wanderers - "Julie", "Balam", "Kabbah," " Chakka "" Pulaha ". Relatively armor also choose from what will. Smooth out the character's body and you just need to not do without reliable costume. Earthlings use light armor "Orlan" heavy armor "Dzhaganat" PES and "Kraken". Wanderers prefer to wear or suit of armor "Nunkul" or heavy suit of armor "Bach-Pac" or PES "Shukpi."

As you've probably realized, even at the start of the player must make an important decision for anyone to join. As already mentioned, there are two race. Will you be on the side of the Terran or adjoin the Wanderers, to this, in principle, and will depend on the fate. The important point is the choice of craft. You can become a master of melee and learn unsurpassed snipe, and manage astounding combat vehicles.

Game Lost Paradise involves extraction of resources. Incidentally, everyone has a chance to get mine in his possession and get a good profit. But the owner of the mine should always be on guard. There is a set wishing it away. Do not give the hated enemies! The less your equipment damage during the fight, the more resources you get.


Already, in the testing stage, the game is able to boast a variety. And since the project is in development, in the nearest future the creators promise a lot of new and interesting elements. Join us and vote for yourself all the advantages of a fun game!


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