Lost Planet 3

Alternative names: Lost Planet 3

Game Lost Planet is a multiplayer computer game. This game is designed in the style of shooter and events taking place in it in the first person.

Computer game Lost Planet 3 download can only grown players. For underage users access to the game is closed. Download Lost Planet 3 can be on any other site which provides such an opportunity. For example, this can be done on the torrent.

You have a unique opportunity to see the game Lost Planet 3 videos. This can be on the game's official website or on youtube. In the video reveals the essence of the game, characters are represented and other interesting information about the game.

Overview Lost Planet 3 will introduce you to an introduction to the game. You will learn about the gameplay, weapons in the game and the main game modes.


Game Lost Planet 3 is similar to other versions of the game first. The game takes place long before the events in the first part. This was at a time when the planet E. N. III was still shrouded in ice.

In-Game Lost Planet 3 pc the most diverse weapons. You will be able to fight these kinds of weapons:

  1. Knife - is a melee weapon. It is best used against small and medium locusts.
  2. NEVEC gun is semi-automatic pistol, which is used at close to medium range. He appeared in the second part of the series.
  3. NEVEC Shotgun is a weapon that is used at close to medium range. He has caused great damage.
  4. Assault Rifle NEVEC is a universal automatic rifle for medium and small distances. Best used against small locusts.
  5. NEVEC Pulse Rifle is an automatic rifle to fight at medium and short distances. This weapon inflicts twice more than an assault rifle.
  6. Hydro-injector rifle is sub-machine gun that shoots metal rivets. This weapon is best used against locusts on nebolshshih cluster distances.
  7. Hunting gun is a family heirloom of the protagonist. This weapon is a ranged weapon.
  8. Halberd is pulse sniper rifle NEVEC. It is effective for all distances.
  9. Valkyrie - Crossbow is a weapon that shoots three arrows at the same time.
  10. Grenade launcher is a six, a drum.
  11. Grenade is a ranged weapon that is effective against clusters of giant locusts or medium.


In-Game Lost Planet 3 locusts come in several forms:

1. Tarka - a tiny (knee) locusts.

2. Sepia small - it locusts rise waist.

3. Bolsepiya small - at a distance and attack similar to the previous Akrida.

4. Gonro medium - it locusts, which rise more than human.

5. Enbi small - is a character that can simultaneously shoot and attack the main player.

6. Dongo medium - a character who attacks with a ring of yourself.


7. Tangaant close - it locusts, which looks like a scorpion.

8. Vorgg large - a creature that looks like a crab.

And a few locusts you will meet in the game Lost Planet 3!


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