Lost Sector

Alternative names: Lost Sector

Game Lost Sector - free MMORPG with turn-based battles, the events that unfold in real time. It is a harsh world where survival needs wise strategy and tactics. You are transported back in 2035, and the first impression is that they are in postapokalipsticheskoe time. It is almost true, although there was a global catastrophe. Blame the four years of war, and had spent most of the cities. During the terrible clashes killed 99% of the urban population. It all began with a pharmacological breakthrough. Invented drug "Rebis" due to their properties has become so desirable for all that people could not kindly share it. Giver second youth, instantly regenerating cells, helping to blunt rejection of implants, relieving pain medication has caused conflict between the authorities and the common people. People do not come to terms with the fact that the government divided them according to "the level of social responsibility." Offended decided to assert their rights. Launched in 2031, the war eventually subsided, but the feds and the coalition continued conflict, trying to win over as many of autonomous states and cities. These independent cities and relates Broxton - a place where the action takes place game.

To play the game online Lost Sector You will need to download and install it on your PC. Lost Sector registration will allow access to the game, and you can return to the initiated at any time. Creating an account is as follows: Entered e-mail address, password, confirmed password, rewritten code from the image, acceptance of the Terms. Join in the game Lost Sector and launch will be successful and you will open a fantastic world filled with adventure, if your computer meets the following minimum system requirements list:

- Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32/64)

- 1 processor. 8 GHz (or higher)

- Card class nVIDIA GeForce 6800 / ATI Radeon X850, 256 MB;

- Free space on the hard disk 500 mb;

- 1 GB RAM

- Online at least 256 kbps.

As you know ending the civil war did not bring the desired peace in Broxton. So starting to play Lost Sector, you can not avoid hostilities. Grouping of local authorities continue to struggle with the criminal and anarchist organizations. Both sides have their own faction. Law and order represented by the following unions: military units E81, Athanor-LABS, police, Vanguard. Anarchy confront them, Diggers, Smugglers, Prisoners, Resistance, Collectors, Geeks, Alliance and Chaos. Who wish to join and begin to actively defend their point of view. There are Lost Sector online and neutral parties. For example, the League provides traders trade and postal links between cities. Be careful, because the game is full of Lost Sector unforeseen surprises. Sometimes, traders and representatives of the warring factions can be encrypted secret emissaries of the old government and resistance.

So, you have barged in this endless mess, what surprises you play Lost sector? First, a wide range of weapons. The choice is given domestic, foreign, and concomitant military equipment. Plus and accoutrements not differ scarcity. Secondly, a huge opportunity to explore the city. Explore this semi-abandoned metropolis, to feel at ease. Third, realistic fighting, during which you can move around freely, using the roof, floors, stairs. In addition, it is possible to use the shelters. Fourth, amazingly accurate flight simulation bullets and collisions with the environment. Fifth, the opportunity to participate in the grand clan battles and capture the city. Co-op mode allows you to cope better with PvE and PvP tasks. Moreover, opponents in fights can be live players. And it's much more interesting than compete with artificial intelligence.

Lost Sector start playing right now, to independently assess its merits. Believe me, you will not be left disappointed, because the company Lost Sector Technologies has made every effort for this. Enjoy and let you always lucky!



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